January 6, 2003

Back in SF, made it safely (thank you God). The 5 freeway really drags sometimes. Had a bout of drowsiness at the halfway point but my roommate called and saved me! Thank-you Melissa.

Back in SF. I always say this after every trip, but it’s always so surreal to be in LA in the morning and then SF at night. Two totally different places and cultures. The fog horns are sounding.


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  1. danielplanet Says:

    Glad to hear you made it back in one piece, few things are more mind-numbing – yet pleasant for a time – than that farmland stretch between LA and San Francisco.    It was good talking with you during your short time down here. 
    All His blessings,

  2. danaY Says:

    hip-hip-hooray for animal fries…after all this talk about them…I had to get some today!

  3. argonaut Says:

    So you DID get some?? I’m so jealous

  4. argonaut Says:

    Um … yes. (grin)Well Dana, we’re waiting …

  5. danaY Says:

    oh…oh…so sorry dudes…mish…don’t be jell-uhs…okay…animal fries: fries any way you want them. I had them with cheese and onions…on the suggestion of the gal’s voice through the speaker…I got a side of the spread…that was kind of wierd…no props to that one. I truly hope that this definition suffices.

  6. danielplanet Says:

    Wow.  That’s pretty awesome…
    Can I order animal fries covered with a patty, tomatoes, lettuce, cheese, grilled onions and a bun?
    Thanks for the heads up

  7. danaY Says:

    daniel, will you try it and let me know how it goes?

  8. argonaut Says:

    Yes, I would be curious as well to know …

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