January 8, 2003

A new Apple store just opened up in Pasadena. Woo hoo.

Top ten things I love to do in SF (a start):

10. Running errands in the Sunset district. This nabe has it all … my bank (Cal Fed), 2 coffeehouses that I frequent, Le Video (SF’s preeminent video rental store), the post office, this cool kitschy store called Wishbone, a GELATO shop, a branch of the city library, cheap gas and a medley of fine eating establishments. One of which, I visited tonight: Arizmendi Bakery. Arizmendi is special because it’s a worker-owned cooperative of artisan bakers. They churn out tons of different scones (corn cherry is gooood), breads (their olive is killer) and a different pizza every day (e.g., roasted eggplant, red onions, smoked mozzarella, garlic oil on a sourdough-esque crust). Today I bought a small slab of focaccia with slices of winter squash, goat cheese and something else not readily identifiable. Yum

9. Looking into people’s windows while walking/driving (mostly when I’m at stoplights). You’d be amazed at how many people have red rooms. And track lighting. I love to see the way people live. The neighborhoods of the city are so different from one another.

8. Driving along Lincoln Blvd. in the Presidio. Stunning views of the north perimeter of the city, lined with pristine beach and green forest.

7. Going for dim sum on lower Clement Street (the city’s second Chinatown) and afterwards, stopping by Green Apple Books & Music for a quick read.

6. Driving around on Saturday morning with my roommate, running errands and listening to This American Life on NPR.

5. Going to the Farmer’s Market on the Embarcadero Saturday mornings for freeeesh produce and cheese (mmm … lemon quark).


7 Responses to “”

  1. danielplanet Says:

    Whoa.  Makes Los Angeles seem like the dangerous, dirty, traffic-soaked city that it is.  And parts of the sidewalk smell crazy nasty.  No, I actually have my own list for LA. 
    This bothers some people but what about a Prairie Home Companion on Saturday evenings?  Love Garrison Keillor.  That man is talented!  But some friends tell me that’s an old-fogies show.  Still, I love it… in college, got hooked driving to work on Saturday nights.  Good pick with This American Life; it is truly mesmerizing… you can’t listen to half a show (no matter who’s waiting for you).  Far from being sappy, the show teaches what it means to be human – warts and all.  Always touching in different ways.  But Ira Glass does not have a good radio voice.
    Have a good week.  God bless.

  2. danaY Says:

    yum-grabbing coffee and driving around listening to “This American Life” sounds like a good Saturday morning. This list is making me hungry and wonder when our next trip to SF to visit is?? ~d.

  3. argonaut Says:

    I would hope soon! The next time y’all journey upwards to my neck of the woods, I’ll take you on a gastronomic tour of the city! There’s a fabulous little (literally, very small) Thai restaurant in the Outer Sunset that serves a killer green curry! Wow that stuff is good! The rest of their menu is really awesome as well.

  4. danaY Says:

    yeah, i don’t think we got the gastronomic tour on our other visits to SF.

  5. dbang Says:

    so where’s the other four?  dang!  i really want to go visit SF soon… you’ll have to take me around to all your favorite places!

  6. argonaut Says:

    I have to think of the other four. (grin) You should come up, Diane! You would have a blast. There are the charms of the city, of course, but then there’s the whole Bay area to consider. Marin County has some of the best places to hike in–Muir Woods, Mt. Tamalpais, the Headlands. There is so much preserved park area and natural beauty all over, it’s crazy! And then there’s Berkeley–the quintessential ‘college town’ of books, music stores, coffeehouses and the Gourmet Ghetto–the place to eat well, but on a starving student’s limited resources. It would be great if you could visit.

  7. argonaut Says:

    Daniel, you got it exactly! Warts and all! This American Life is a window into the human soul, poignant and sidesplitting as the human experience can be. The music on the show is obscure and cool and the writers (David Sedaris, Sandra Tsing Loh, Sarah Vowell and others) that come on regularly are very similar: wry and sardonically funny. Do you ever read them?My roommate and I have been contriving a way to get on the show by sending them a documentary about people riding public transport in SF. We’re planning to ride the buses and railcars all day one Saturday from one end of the city to another, asking people where they’re going and why. Some people are really willing to talk to strangers (I think more so in big cities because you live with so many people and in such close proximity), and we figure that we can get a few interesting dialogues. Ever since I started listening to the show, I’ve always wanted to intern with them during the summer. I just think it would be so cool to hang out with Ira and everyone else on the show. It seemed more possible before, when I was younger and wanted to ‘do it all.’ Now, if I can just crawl out of grad school alive, I’ll be happy. I guess I feel like I don’t have time to dream anymore. Anyway, slight tangent.Ira Glass’ voice! Yeah, it’s kind of thin and his inflections are weird. He almost sounds like a woman. Garrison Keillor, on the other hand, is the epitomy of ‘the radio voice.’ Deep and resonating, like your grandfather. Praire Home Companion is an old-fogey show–you have to admit– but I love it! It’s so well-written. I read that GK pens most of the scripts … this guy is prolific what with the writing for the show AND the myriad books he’s come out with. Plus he can sing! Is there an end to his talents? It’s a really good show, and def. addictive.By the way, have you heard of the Third Coast Festival? It’s an annual competition run by WBEZ in Chicago and it airs audio documentaries much in the same vein of This American Life. In fact, many of the same producers on This American Life submit entries. I think you’d enjoy listening: Third Coast Festival.

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