January 8, 2003

My first day back to school in the Oakland School District, taking care of my speech and language caseload of 15 Spanish-speaking kids. I got hugs from two of my kids today in the playground! (grin) They’re such cuties! When I’m at this job, sometimes all I can think of is what I’m lacking … my Spanish is less than perfect and I don’t always feel like I know what I’m doing (which stresses me out in a big way because of the very nature of who I am–a perfectionist who needs to know exactly what she’s doing and have every detail worked out at any given moment in time). Yikes! I just pray that God can use me in this state of lack, and guide me and grow me into what He’s intended. I’m facing trials and difficulties every day and feel like I am being stretched, poked and prodded. I believe that it’s all ‘fodder’ for dependence on His grace and His might. Hopefully I can bring glory to His name somehow, in all this. I have to say, sometimes it’s hard to be thankful for trials but I am grateful that He loves me enough to not leave me as I am.

Anywho, am off for a mind-clearing walk/run in Golden Gate Park before the sun sets. It’s been a beautiful day.

Colossians 3:17


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  1. danaY Says:

    note to friend: Post baklava recipe :]

  2. argonaut Says:

    Sorry dude for the delay — it’s coming!

  3. Anonymous Says:

    nice. sounds like a charmed life you are livin’ up in s.f. living la vida loca…in the best sense of the phrase.  oh i forgot to mention..i love just kickin’ it in height and ashbury..the grateful dead hippy town.  awesome thrift shops..i just like rummaging through the racks imagining i could look swanky in the clothes…or the marvelous stationary paper stores or just the nice “cd labs”–cd stores with the most amazing collection of vintage rock n’ roll, all that jazz, obscure artists who never made it big or as they are called “one hit wonders.”  well, i miss this place.  not because of the hippy thing that goes on out there..but because it’s just so cool..like a cool cat!  =P  love it! 
    i have my dream home located right on lombard st.  right near the windy road that goes down. i’ll have to check one of my journal entries to recall the exact address.  i’ve always wanted to write the owners of the house and aske them if they would every put it up for sale one day.  who knows. wishful thinking, it’s worth a shot! 
    i love just driving in s.f. i’ve only been on the golden gate bridge once..coming back from napa..and that was just enough for me to take a snapshot of the scenic view and imprint it into my longterm memory.  how gorgeous it was!  the sea of sparkles glistening across the bay waters..the tower of..what’s that called? it use to be the fire station place?  it looks like a water hose?  i can’t think of it..and yes, it’s going to kill me. i’m not good at remember specific names of places sometimes.  it’s like having a brain fart and you can’t recover from it.  lol!  take care! i enjoyed your top 10 list most definitely.
    if you love cafe, latte, cappucino, or any blend of the bean..check out these fine “establishements” in so.cal:  the equator–pasadena (near the Bank of America ATM machine), the novel cafe–santa monica on pier ave. off of main st.  near the irish pub adjacent to the cafe.  many fond memories of this place..chatting ’til the break of dawn and then hitting the denny’s out on wilshire..kinda far away..then sleeping in ’til mid-afternoon.  the  coffee gallery backstage–altadena…on n. ave.  cool people and great drinks.  coffe cartel–redondo beach off of catalina ave.  love the loungy kinda feel..you can play chess, read a book, feed some fish. love it!

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