January 9, 2003

This may turn out to be a night of lists just yet.

Things I Miss in SoCal:

1. Listening to Sounds Eclectic on KCRW.
2. Being able to wear flip-flops in the middle of February.
3. Cheap dry cleaning.
4. Pasadena.


4 Responses to “”

  1. school starts on monday .. boo!.. but other than that, i’ve started again w/my internship..things are getting pretty busy and i’m picking work back up next week… so things are getting back to normal..
    a life of an OT?…well, my life’s pretty much school, internship (its my 2nd and final rotation), work (hospital), church, and hanging w/ friends…that and sitting at home comsuming space and stealing other people’s precious oxygen

  2. argonaut Says:

    Whenever I imagine OTs working, I imagine you guys rolling around on your stomachs on the those huge shiny rubber balls! Do you know what I’m talking aboot? Please tell me this is not all you have in your job description. 🙂 What kinds of things do you guys do again?Where are you interning? And is this your last semester (time for the dreaded COMPS!)? Have you thought about where you want to work.By the way, easy on the oxygen! We’re not getting enough here. 😀

  3. yeah…we do a bit more than just roll around….there are many faces to OT… right now, my internship involves working with children who have a variety of delays… autism, ADD, Cerebral Palsy, and other sensory/developmental/mental modulation and processing problems…. but this is just one branch of OT… at my work, in the hospital, i work in physical rehabilitation… people post stroke, spinal cord injury, traumatic brain injury, amputees,..pretty much any physical impairments… i work strengthening, exercises, and the overall goal is for them to adjust to their disability to function independently…. and then there are other areas such as lifestyle redesign, hand therapy, consulting, ergonomics, wellness, assistive technology…etc… the good thing about OT is that it can get into pretty much anything…we’re all about flexibility…. as for me, yes COMPS are coming up and then i have to take my BOARDS..so this summer will be a mix of highs and lows….. and as for area to work in, i’m torn between pediatrics and physical rehab…. we’ll see where God leads me…

  4. Anonymous Says:

    OMgoodness..Pasadena. This is the first city I moved to when I ventured out to So. Cal. I worked at the J. Crew in Old Town.  But can I tell you something that I truly adored about Pasadena?  The ARCHITECTURE and museums. 
    What I miss about Pasadena:  Jamba Juice right around the corner, L.A. Fitness across the way, The Equator Cafe in Old Town, the Phili cheese steak joint where it was the only place around that sold Tastycake snaks, Rose Bowl–rollerblading, running during the summertime, playing ultimate frisbee, Huntington Library: beautiful all-around, the Coffee Gallary on N. Lake-(towards Altadena), the restaurants in Old Town: ALL OF THEM on the Moose McGillycuddy side, roller blading to work (J. Crew) from my house on Cordova/Lake, Norton-Simon Museum, Orange Groove–beautiful homes, Rigley Mansion, hiking the hills of Altadena, U.S. Center for World Missions, Lake Ave. Church, Fuller Seminary, Cal Tech, Pasadena Institute of Art, golly..so much there!  I miss it!

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