January 12, 2003

Walking down the dim stairwell of a parking structure today, the mustiness of it reminded me of Spain; of Barcelona. The oldness and dampness of buildings there. I miss Barcelona, if not just for its history. You take one turn around the corner and all of the sudden, you’re ambling through a neighborhood of stone houses, hundreds of years old. *Sigh* (good sigh)

It’s hard for me to accept, sometimes, that there will always be holes in my knowledge. I may, in my lifetime, understand the ‘big picture’ of the world and its workings, but I’ll never know every detail. Don’t get me wrong … I’m thankful for my God-given capacity to know the Truth, but knowing that I can never know all the aspects to it, this is what bothers me. Sometimes.

Vegetables roasting in the oven and my stomach is rumbling. Nothing complex, just a few chunks of red skin golden potatoes (a relatively new hybrid in the tuber family), baby carrots, zucchini and shallots dressed in some olive oil, sea salt and pepper. A little basil. Hope they turn out decently.


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