January 14, 2003

It’s weird to be standing in front of the bathroom mirror early in the morning, washing my face and hear my neighbors’ whole conversation over breakfast. “Was that cereal that you wanted?” “Will you bring the iron?” (Pause.) “No, the iron!” You could say we’re living in close quarters.

I spent almost all afternoon outdoors yesterday, which was much welcomed and needed. Met my old crony Brian at Crissy Field, a national park area of meadow and marsh just north of the Presidio, east of Golden Gate bridge (in the city). Cool blues and greens dominated the landscape with a fairly sullen sky overhead. We strolled over to the west end of the field and walked into the Warming Hut, a cafe-cum-bookstore which resembled a white-sided boathouse. Ordered warm frothy drinks and headed outside to chat up the rest of the afternoon. On the way back, we got caught in some good ol’ SF rain. It was pounding my windshield when I finally made it back to my car.

I get back home and barely get dinner in the oven before Julie calls! Hadn’t seen this girl since last spring! Had a great time catching up with her at Canvas Cafe in the Sunset. What an encouragement she is! Am so grateful to have her up here with me.

It’s nice to have the house to myself, but I’m really looking forward to my roommates getting back. I miss them and their funny ways. I hope I remember to water the plants. Note to self.


3 Responses to “”

  1. juliekimrx Says:

    Hola Mish!
    I had a great time with you as well!  I’ll definitely see you this coming thursday for another time of reading and reflecting. =)

  2. dbang Says:

    gosh… i’m so envious of your life up in there in SF… gotta get out of so-cal… just gotta get out of my parent’s home!

  3. argonaut Says:

    The Bay is a great place; I won’t dispute that. But living here does have its downfalls … housing is astronomical in price and the perpetual cloak of fog over the city gets depressing (with the exception of this school year; it’s been quite sunny). I miss everyone down south lots. Getting out of my parents’ house; I was def. there, too. But there are times when I’m almost eager to get back in. When do you graduate, Diane?

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