January 15, 2003

Wow! For those of you Apple cohorts out there, Apple has just released a new web browser: Safari 1.0 Beta. It loads pages twice as fast as IE. Kudos to Apple! What a great set of minds.


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  1. IEP’s can be a bear!….but only so if the child is really high profile..meaning if the parents have advocates and such..you’ve hear the horror stories…. they want this and that, and you have to go to hearings…junk like that…but that’s a worse case scenario…although it does happen quite often…just relax and sound confident in all that you say…don’t show that you’re a Rookie… and PREPARE PREPARE PREPARE!!!…i’ve actually got one of those high profiles coming up this thursday…. it’s gonna be fun! i’ve spent the last 2 weeks drafting up a report and revising the goals…and i’ve done premeetings with the parent as well… so, again..prepare and be confident..you’ll be fine!

  2. danielplanet Says:

    So, you’re one of those people.    Which computer do you use?  Can’t say I’ve had the most exposure to the Apple Family but the family bought an Apple IIC way back in the day from a door-to-door salesman.  My dad forced me to do Typing Tutor for 30 minutes a day… so my memories aren’t fond ones.  But of course, I’m thankful in hindsight.
    Anyhow, those Apple laptops are VERY nice.  Something has to be said about Apple design… real, simple, nice.  I suppose software is the main drawback.  Everything is made for PCs!
    Hope your IEPs go well.  Matt11:28

  3. argonaut Says:

    Apple IIC, huh? An oldie but a goodie! Brings back memories of computer class in 6th grade where we learned how to program those green screens. Typing Tutor … that explains why you’re so prolific!

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