January 17, 2003

I’ll try not to make this sound like an ad for Apple, but I can’t help but sing praises about it.  Up until four months ago, I was a PC girl.  My decision to switch to an Apple was prob. one of the best I’ve made in a few years.  Apple computers can be summed up in three words: beauty, functionality and stability.  All of the machines Apple makes are stunningly well-designed.  Lots of thought went into them in terms of texture and materials (which are first-rate and extremely sturdy). In terms of functionality, they just work! Period. And no blue screens of death because the operating system is built on UNIX, one of the most stable infrastructures around. Nothing rocks these machines! This, coupled with the efficiency of Apple’s processors, allows you to have numerous windows open with the least chance of crashing. The processor efficiency also lends itself to longer battery life for the laptops. I myself have a Snow iBook and the battery life is 6 hours! On an average I’ll get about 4 to 5 but hey! that’s pretty darn good. Plus the thing weighs a mere 6 pounds. I can tote it around in my purse for Pete’s sake. And I do.

This is one company I would love to work for if given the chance. The philosophy of Apple is to make a machine that works. Because the same people make the machine, operating system and programs, you get a seamless integration of all these. Not so with a PC–you have one operating system and applications made to fit a whole lot of different machines. Herein lies the problem–not a lot of collaboration and communication. In the end, when problems arise for the user, you have the guys who made the machine blaming Microsoft and Microsoft blaming the machine manufacturers for faulty whatever. The truth about software is that yes, while seemingly a lot of software is made for the PC, most of the essential aps are made for Macs, e.g., the old standards Microsoft Word and Excel. Tons of stuf for graphic fiends, as well–all the Adobe aps for instance.

The applications that come standard with a Mac are so functional, so easy to navigate and they’re just logical. They’re fun, too. I don’t want to sound sappy (too late for that!), but working on a Mac is a wonderful experience. The graphic user interface is crazy beautiful, the screen is brighter and the colors bolder. PCs are business machines made for gray suits while Macs are made for your life.

So yes, I am a Mac user.


3 Responses to “”

  1. juliekimrx Says:

    Hey girl.  Went to the apple store in Palo Alto.  Very nice store!  But, it’s sooooooo expensive!  Hmm… although it’s definitely nice, I may stick with PC.  Unless you convince me otherwise! =)

  2. me_less Says:

    i use PC’s everyday and am very knowledgeable in it because i have to be. i use a mac at home because it’s simple, beautiful, works, and a pleasure to work with.very analogous to my views on life. i learn the details of the world because i am forced to, but all i want is a simple life that i can truly enjoy. i’d spend a little extra for that. 🙂

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