January 17, 2003

Just rolled in from a great night with Jules. Deciding to hang in the Sunset, we had an impromptu dinner at Arizmendi Bakery. Reclined on the only bench in the place; our backs to their large windows, open to the traffic of passer-bys on the sidewalk and the low roar of Muni railcars rolling by. With slices of well-crafted pizzas in our hands (tonight: Yukon gold potatoes, chives, red onions on gruyere), we half-flipped through the SF Chronicle and half-recapitulated the day’s events to one another between bites.

We spent the bulk of the night at Canvas Cafe (which Julie later pronounced a ‘meat market’). Good night, conversation-wise. Eventually our musings turned to the timeless topic, “Can women and men have platonic friendships?” A little gray matter for you.

I was making headway in Francis Schaeffer’s Escape from Reason until we met this law student sitting next to us. He had a cool haircut; each section of his hair went a different direction. Kind of like Elijah Wood. We talked and distracted him from his studies for a long time; our conversation mostly revolved around computers. One of his profs said that the best kind of warranty you can have is not from your computer manufacturer; rather your credit card. A lot of the time, credit card companies will insure damage done to a computer such as dropping it–they refund your money pretty much hassle-free–whereas computer manufacturers won’t do this. We drifted to other things but it was funny because in the end, we realized we were all trying to sell each other on something.

Bluish light on my windowsills tonight. Ah, moonlight!

Sleep is calling. Fade to black.


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