January 18, 2003

Ah, comfort food. Salmon done up in a little butter and lemon with a white rice accompaniment. Dark Belgian chocolate with grilled almonds for dessert. Winding down from a long and semi-difficult week–didn’t sleep much but God sustained me anyway, the faithful one that He is.

Twelve hours of sleep is what I’m shooting for tonight. After I watch the DVD I rented, that is. Life According to Muriel. It’s an Argentine film that now, after some thought, I’m almost sure that I saw when I was in Spain. If it is the same film, the opening scene is an old jalopy-ish car driving down a desolate dirt road. The first few lines go something like this (a woman’s voice narrates; 30-something): Sali de Buenos Aires. Donde iba, yo que se. The last line is one of my favorite expressions in Spanish. More or less, it means “Were that I knew” or “I have no idea”–possibly a combination of the two. It’s difficult to translate. I absolutely love that about languages; the fact that each language has things in it that can only be expressed in the nuances and hues of that particular language. Words are complex and funny things.

Another full moon tonight and even more moonlight spilling into my room. Wish I could photograph it and its ethereal blue quality. Hey, maybe I will one day. Note to self.

On to the film.


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