January 20, 2003

Picked up Melly-Bird (aka. my roommate Melissa) from SFO today. Good to have her back. I’m glad she didn’t freeze in Illinois. When she left, it was below 1 degree. Playing on her stereo at the moment is Wilco, a Chicago band.

Alright, am going to try to sleep at 10:30 tonight and not let the moonlight distract me.

Some thoughts today while driving to Safeway. What will I do with myself after I graduate? I’ve been in school for so long now, I feel like I don’t know any other way to live except as a student, buying books every semester, taking midterms, writing papers, screaming for joy with the culmination of each grueling semester. After this, what?

Melissa calls out to me, “Hey doody head.” “Wut?” I say.

G’night on this 19th day of January, 2003.


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