January 26, 2003

Was listening to the To the Best of Our Knowledge on NPR just now. They do a good job expounding the latest scientific theories to the layperson and combining them with the human experience. It’s not a show devoted just to science, however. Their themes run the gamut–language, race, culture, religion, just to name a few.

They just aired a great show on religion and science and the increasing marriage of the two to expain the how and why of the world.

Now more than ever, seasoned scientists are subscribing to Intelligent Design theory. Scientist and writer Clifford Pickover, over his years in his studies, has come to believe that the world we live in seems to almost be tuned to evolve. Take how stars shine, he said. If the numbers that control the nuclear reactions in the stars altered even slightly, there would be no life. Another scenario. If the world were to expand a little faster or a little slower, even by a millionth, there would be no life. Amazing. So, what or who is tuning our world? Could the fine-tuned design of our world be accomplished by natural selection? Evolution?! Bah. Stuff like this only points to a higher being, an Intelligent Designer. Goes the same for morality. Could we have written our moral conventions? Are they historical and social constructs? I think not. The existence of our moral law implies a moral law giver. (God.) Sorry, I know I’m missing a lot of steps in these arguments, but I’ll leave the explication of them to those who do it best … C.S. Lewis, J.P. Moreland to name a few.

The scientific argument for God is an exciting one and if anyone’s curiousity has been piqued even just a little, I’ve heard that Michael Behe and Phillip E. Johnson are excellent writers on the subject.

It’s so thrilling to read and hear about defense of our faith. My prayer for us as believers: that we may be ready to give an answer to everyone who asks us the reason for the hope that is in us, humbly and thoughtfully. I’ll leave my keyboard to eat dinner now.


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