January 29, 2003

The time: 5:39 post meridiem
The view out of my bedroom window: rosy stratus clouds with gray undertones, moving slowly south
Listening to: The Art of Eating a Peach on All Things Considered

A good day full of kids. Am exhausted and managed to crawl out of it with a few ounces of energy to spare. This due to the fact that most of the boys I saw today in therapy estuvieron un poco, digamos … traviesos. Translation: They were all over the place. Whew. God is good, tho. I am alive.

Preschoolers are being added to my caseload in droves! Okay, not lit. but I have seven which is way more than I had envisioned having at the outset. Thankfully, I don’t see them all at once (that would be nuts). I have four on Weds. and the balance of them on Thurs. They’re pint-sized blessings. (grin) And they’re finally starting to open up and talk now. Woo hoo! Therapy can finally begin.

I have the second IEP of my life-time tomorrow. God, for Your grace.

Have not checked it out as of yet, but my crony Matthew just sent me an email about the Truth and Life Conference at Master’s:

“The Master’s College has a once a year conference in the spring where they bring in some of the best speakers and theologians in America. Last year they had R.C. Sproul, and I think John Piper, amongst others. This year they brought in Art Azurdia, and Erwin Lutzer.

The media group at college has put ALL the Truth & Life conference sessions and the seminars online (free!) at: http://www.masters.edu/TruthAndLife/media.asp. I especially like Art Azurida’s sessions, Dr. Grant Horner’s seminar, and Dr. Street’s seminar. I hope you find them as enjoyable and challenging as I have.” Worth a glance or a listen.

Am flying to Vegas for a convention this week-end. Can anyone recommend must-sees for a first-timer?

Side note. C. Garamond’s birthday was Sunday, the 26th. The guy was born in 1480 and he fathered the Garamond font. Long live typographers!


4 Responses to “”

  1. danaY Says:

    yeah, i was listening to The Art of Eating a Peach on All Things Considered too, but then it became insignificant when my mind started wandering and at that point it just became background noise. What was I thinking about? I couldn’t even tell you now…how useless my mind has become in trying to recall even the smallest things, sometimes!

  2. argonaut Says:

    That’s why they call it short-term memory! A beautiful thing.

  3. danaY Says:

    Is that what it’s called?! Man alive, I’ve gots lots of that!! Hmmm…although I don’t if I would call it “beautiful”…call what “beautiful”? Huh?

  4. argonaut Says:

    Short-term memory is a beautiful concept. If we remembered everything that happened to us in the course of a day–every conversation we had in the day, every lecture we attended, every email we received, every back of a cereal box that we read–we’d go crazy! Short-term memory precludes us from storing all this … stuff. Just the way our bodies are designed, I guess, fascinates me.

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