February 1, 2003

It’s the first day of February and I’m almost wishing it was over. Ugh, not a good way to start. There’s just so SO much in store for this month! I hardly know how I will mount all these tasks! Okay Michelle, one day at a time. One thing at a time. Let’s bring in a comforting cliche, shall we? Rome was not built in a day. I don’t have to have everything done this instant. If I could just get my mind to stop thinking about things … it’s hard to live in the moment sometimes and be with whoever you’re with, in body and mind. Something I definitely want to work on this month. Being all there. Anywho.

Last night, I discovered the Castro’s best-kept secret. Parking! If there is a dearth of parking anywhere in the city on a Friday evening, it’s the Castro. Melissa and I went round and round the nabe for a good while before we came upon a street called Caselli. A profusion of parking spaces! Such fortuitousness. After patting ourselves on the back for actually finding a place to park, we walked six blocks to the Firewood Cafe for a flash-in-the-pan dinner. A super thinly-crusted mushroom pizza and free olives! We scarfed. A mad dash to Walgreen’s to pick up something sweet to chomp on and then we dove into the historical Castro Theatre. It’s kind of a mix of Art Deco and Rococo–tapestries on the walls and a gaudy sort of old-world gilded opulence overall. There was true, live organ music playing as we walked in! There was a guy playing an organ on kind of a pedestal in front of the curtained screen. He played a grand finale right before the film and then his pedestal was lowered into the abyss of the Castro Theatre. We watched a new Chomsky film, Power and Terror. No comments now, am still sifting through the contents.

Some errandage to run, then I’m off to Vegas! Have a great weekend, everyone. See ya Monday.


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