February 7, 2003

At Buen Dia Family School today and just came back from a stroll–moving my car to another two-hour parking space. The Mission district–where the school is located–is a great one for ambling. Usually peerless blue skies hang overhead–the fog hardly ever visits the Mission–and there are countless hip restaurants, tiny indie bookstores and vibrant murals wrapping around the neighborhood’s edifices. New Cuban restaurant and French bakery across the street from Buen Dia. Such life on the streets, all different walks. I was at one bookstore, Bolerium Books, a few months ago. It was in a four-story building along with at least six other bookstores on the other floors! Bolerium is the epitomy of the independent bookstore–worn hardwood floors underfoot, a lofty breeze blowing in through the huge windows overhead, merchants who know the location of each and every book in their inventory. Eccentric types drifting in and out of its doors. Plus the books are arranged by social movement! Ah, the indie bookseller. Cool neighborhood, the Mission is.

Kind of tired today. Not feeling very productive. Can’t wait to sink into my bed tonight! Did lots of dreaming today, tho. Will expand more on that later.

Wow, the green on my site on the PC here is vastly different from the green on my Mac.  Whoa.  The green on my Apple is more mellow somehow.  This PC green is outta control.

The days are getting longer.


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