February 8, 2003

Do you ever get glimpses or images of what you’ll be doing 5, 10, 15 years from now? Today I had a few, and I thought I would scribble them down before they escaped my mind forever. Whether they’re pipedreams or possibilities, only time will tell. It’s okay if you drop off somewhere in the first third of this entry, or even after the second line; this’ll be long.

It seems like I’ll be photographing and working as a speech pathologist for awhile, possibly throughout my whole life. However, there are a few other things that have engaged my interest.

Something I love to do is work with the traditional letter press. I hope to acquire a press (or few) one day, and print artists’ books. There’s nothing like feeling the indentation of a lowercase ‘g’ on a sheet of 300 lb. Arches paper. Okay, maybe I’m crazy.

On to another thing … With two-income households on the rise these days, it seems that society has to take on the burden of raising children, i.e., social parenting. Only, no-one wants this responsibility. So many children lack accountability and guidance. Left to their own devices, their minds are numbed by violence, hedonism and boredom. Their minds are no longer intellectually engaged. They have stopped questioning. They are not gaining the skills to be able to critically think as adults. There is no one to challenge them. They’re not making thoughtful decisions. Something I would love to do is open up my home to kids, to mentor them. A place for them to hang, a library of the requisite writers for them to consult, but most importantly, a forum for them to discuss the meat of life–the existence of God, good and evil, epistemeology, philosophy, theology and the like. Adolescents or young adults, I don’t know yet. I would also love to have some sort of art space and mentor kids in photography and other areas of art, to teach them something useful and meaningful, to help them see the world in a different slant. Art serves as a creative outlet and can give form to the feelings that no words can express.

I’ve always liked to read, but I’ve realized over the last few years that I love children’s literature … classics like Maurice Sendak’s In The Night Kitchen to more recent gems like J. Otto Seibold’s Penguin Dreams. Sometime during my lifetime, I wouldn’t mind working for a publishing house, choosing which books go into publication. With my background in speech path, I would def. be equipped to find books that are developmentally appropriate, language-wise, always with an eye toward the artful. Would love to give novice writers their first big break, as well as choose themes relevant for today–multicultural awareness, the value of each individual, among other things. It sounds like so much fun. To get books into the hands of kids who couldn’t be able to afford them otherwise, would def. be another goal.

So, my interests seem to revolve around children, language, photography, art. I think that our interests are strong indicators of in where God wants us; to serve a certain people in a certain place (or a few different places). To know that we can serve God in our vocation and at the same time, derive pleasure and satisfaction from it, well, this is a blessing.

I used to worry about what God’s will was for my life. Linguistics or underwater basket weaving? Join the workforce or escape to grad school? You get the picture. Over the years, though, He’s taught me that His will for me doesn’t matter so much as does God’s will for all of us. His will for mankind–for us to take His message to the ends of the earth, loving Him will all our hearts and minds and loving our neighbors as ourselves. It’s laid out in Romans 12:9-21, God’s will to last our lifetime.

Despite all these desires, if I’m called to raise a family, then … then I would drop everything. To promote the kingdom of God through my children … well, that would be my highest honor.

Where is God taking you? Enquiring minds would like to know.


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  1. naperuale Says:

    Well, this is def. a great entry. Keep on going wherever God takes you Mish!!! About the indentation, you’re right, it’s such a great feeling (OK, maybe I’m crazy too!!!). Wonderful dreams, and it seems that you will achieve all of them.

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