February 9, 2003

Wow, 10:22 pm already! What a great Saturday. Woke up at the crack of noon (hey that’s what Saturdays are for) and then spent a good portion of the afternoon reading about the wonderful world of the larynx. And it is wonderful, believe me.

What a stunning day. Supremely blue skies (the operative word being blue) and warm enough to enjoy a chai tea outside. Outside the Beanery, that is, on 7th and Irving in the Sunset. This is where Melissa and I camped until right after the sun set, at which point we headed downtown for a bit o’ shopping. I found some awesome Campers at Shoe Pavilion! Love that store.

Listening to: a mix of Portishead and Thievery Corporation.


4 Responses to “”

  1. danielplanet Says:

    The South Peruvian Larynx is rapidly losing its natural habitat.  <grin>
    Chai tea or chai latte?  Good either way.
    Portishead is a bit dark but they’ve got good stuff.  Sounds like you’re having such an enjoyable day!  Sweet.

  2. argonaut Says:

    Yeah, Portishead is a little morbid. Chai latte, def. But e-z on the chai. Green tea chai lattes are really great, too.Hope you had a glorious Sat. as well, dp.

  3. daisylowe Says:

    aaaaah, i miss SF…can’t wait to visit my ‘backyard’ again (i call it my backyard cuz i used to go up north at least once a month…) =)

  4. oooh! campers! nice… had one for over a year….love em! sounds like things are good up there…good to hear…

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