February 10, 2003

All and all, was a pretty nice day.


5 Responses to “”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    sometimes your blogs are just too long for me to read, heheh

  2. danielplanet Says:

    What more could you ask for? 
    Nice days accumulate to make a nice life.  Something like that. 

  3. keili Says:

    hope today is even better! it IS raining Mich!

  4. daisylowe Says:

    aaah, nice and simple…i like that that…check it out, it’s raining in LA!! finally!

  5. argonaut Says:

    You all are rain-crazy! Hope y’all enjoy your downpourage today. When I was in LA, I lived for the rain … and now I just can’t get away from it! You all might be singing a different tune if you lived up here! Nonetheless, it IS refreshing and does break the monotony of 76-degree sunny weather down there. Go stomp in a few puddles!

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