February 11, 2003

Day: Tuesday
Temperature: 59°F
Humidity: 62%
Sky: White

Am ensconced here in my room amidst a sea of IEP paperwork and reports. Melly-Mel is making me a sandwich for lunch! A vegetarian sandwich, no less. Fake chicken and some lustrous veggies blanketed in a crusty sourdough roll. Rumbling.

Melissa (who’s from the Midwest) just asked if people have grass in L.A. or sand. Whoops! She almost dropped a chik patty on the floor. Ruh-roh. Now she’s excavating her dark chocolate gelato. Hasn’t found any dino bones yet, she states.

Lunch is served!

Postscript. According to Sciencelady (i.e. Melissa), we only have twice as many genes as a roundworm. And three times as many as a fruit fly. And get this … the kicker … only six times as many as Baker’s yeast.

You learn something new every day.


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  1. juliekimrx Says:

    Hey you.
    Let’s meet soon.  This week is pretty hard because we have prayer meetings in the evening.  All next week i’ll be in Orlando for meetings.  I really miss ya girl.  Squeeze me in for the end of the month.

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