February 12, 2003

And then the rains came. Kind of a hairy drive home from Oakland, but I made it. With enough time to get an oil change at my mechanic’s in the Sunset. Had a nice chat with him in his little brick office about ethics, IEPs and the SF school district. I always love talking to him, hearing his British lilt; he’s a thoughtful and reflective individual. Witty, too. And boy, does he know about pistons! heh heh Turns out he’s going into special ed to work with visually-impaired children. Talk about career change! His daughter’s own special needs are what galvanized him into going into the field. Right on.

For those of you interested in old skool black & white photog, there’s a huge Ansel Adams exhibit going on at LACMA right now. It came from SFMOMA, where it was installed this past year. Missed it, actually, but it prob. has a good dose of omigosh-the-miraculous-grandeur-of-nature-type photos. One has to ask, how did he do it? The answer: he had his own printer. Seriously, makes a big difference if you’ve got a someone really good to work those silver particles in your darkroom. Still, Adams was a photographic virtuoso. Not denying that.

Arguably the greatest invention in school history: The Minimum Day. And in Oakland, they happen every Wednesday. Ohhh yeah.

Love the deep cold blue light of dusk outside my window just now.


3 Responses to “”

  1. danaY Says:

    hey kid, thanks for the scoop. ‘will have to check that out in between rehearsals and handling costume ordeals! (wow. how long can this go on?! it’s good stuff.)

  2. Anonymous Says:

    i miss those “Minimum Days”!  golly, every wednesday…kids home free, while teachers are busy at work: grading assignments, writing up assessments, creating dynamic lesson plans, sitting through meetings after meeting after meeting. ahh…the life of an educator…a journey. “Minimum Day”…what a welcome relief!  Thank God! 
    Soli Deo Gloria…

  3. danielplanet Says:

    Was just talking to someone about Ansel Adams!  Thanks for the heads-up, I’ll definitely check it out sometime next week if not this weekend.
    Also, I love the word, hairy.  I guess I like the silly stretch of double meaning. 
    Anyhow, take care!

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