February 16, 2003

Time: 8:51 post meridiem
Temperature: 52°F
Humidity: 93%
State: Torrential Rain
Listening to: Tail end of Selected Shorts

Melissa runs in to my room, from a quick jaunt to the Wherehouse, soaking wet, Singing in the Rain in hand. How apropos. In the other hand: a used Moby CD and Junior Mints! A girl after my own heart.

So am now chompin’ on a major dose of mint and chocolate thanks to her, finishing printing out pictures of vocal folds. When did Saturday nights get so exciting? Going to give the Mobester a listen before we sing in the rain.

Earlier today, we went on somewhat of a wild goose chase, looking for a certain place but ended up going on a fortuitous tour of the highlands of Oakland instead, winding through narrow roads entrenched in foreboding forest. Spectacular views of the Bay, wow. The latter part of the day, we spent at the Beanery on College Av. in Berkeley. Nice to get out of the city once in awhile but good grief is it hard to get back in … at times.

On the list of Bay area annoyances: getting into SF around 4 or 5 pm on a Saturday afternoon. Everyone and their mother are going to out to dinner in the city and congestion on the bridge is major. Grinning and bearing it is your only option.

Never realized how cute Gene Kelly was! Smoldering, even. Moses supposes his toeses are roses … but Moses supposes e-rro-neous-ly …


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  1. danielplanet Says:

    Saweet stuff here.  Perhaps even better than TAL (this weekend’s show was okay) is Selected Shorts.  Man!  That show kicks butt (how eloquent, Daniel!).  Such a good show.  I should set my deck to record automatically in case I don’t get in on time.  Once heard a Margaret Atwood reading that left me both laughing and deeply moved.  Whew!  Wouldn’t it be great to go and hear a live recording?
    Which Moby CD?  Moby’s aiight.  *grin
    And y’know, Gene Kelly was okay.  But Gregory Peck, now that’s a real man from a bygone era.  The ladies loved him but he still remained a real Man’s Man.
    What a good weekend you’re having.  God bless!

  2. hyunsil Says:

    “Moses he knowses his toeses aren’t roses,As Moses supposes his toeses to be!”
    much eprops for gene kelly AND gregory peck (yow!) and JUNIOR MINTS.
    just saw beck on snl… did you catch it?

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Oh how I miss SF:  fisherman’s wharf: bodine’s clam chowda’ sourdough bowls, seafood, ghiradelli square, lombard st., alcatrez, chinatown: great food, italian district: more great food, j-town: those amazing crepes, sony metreon, the boom boom room, full gospel church, ucberkley:da’ bomb school, telegraph, golden gate park: swing dancing on sundays, pac bell stadium, napa valley: wine country, oakland: gotta love the ghetto, I LOVE the Bay Area….I LOVE SF!
    Man, you are one lucky chica michelle!  I wish I could transport myself out to SF!  But, I will only have to be patient until there is another opportunity to flee towards the Great Bear State once again!  =)  Enjoy your day!  God Bless!
    gotta love moby. =) 

  4. argonaut Says:

    dp: Selected Shorts = So good. Yeah, it would be so fun to hear a live recording! That will def. be on my ‘to do’ list when I return in the spring or summer. You could go any time since the Getty is practically a stone’s throw from where you live! Let me know if you hear about when they’ll be doing Selected Shorts live at the Getty on KPCC. There’s always so much going on at that white castle on the hill. I’m always meaning to get up there–like in the summer, different DJs come and spin on special nights that the galleries were open. The G. has more to offer than people know, I think.18. What do you think of it? Moby is cool, but I have to admit, I find him a little dull at times. I admire him, tho. He’s pretty darn innovative some of the time. There’s something to be said about being a man’s man. What it is, I’m not sure! But yeah, Gregory Peck = smokin’. Yow. Hyunsilly: Dude, I missed Beck! Ever since NBC went digital in the Bay area, we don’t receive it. You have to subscribe to cable in order to get it; it sucks. Anyway, what did he look like? He’s such a man of a thousand faces, looks- and style-wise. Musically, too. That’s what I love about the guy–he’s deft in practically every musical style around.Sunmy: Yeah, I’ve had a really great time living here in the Bay thus far. The Bay is special in that you have the electricity and dynamics of a city wedged into an area with some of the best state parks. Altho, I have to say that braving the perpetual fog and rain of my first school year here was tough. That plus being away from all that was familiar–friends, family, parking lots! even. But yeah, God was gracious and really carried me through. I wrote part of a top ten Bay area list a while back on my blog, if you care to sift through to my early Jan. entries. I hope you find an opportunity to make it out to the Golden State while I’m here! Would sure be fun to hang. Maryland is a cool place, tho! I was in DC a few summers ago–nice scene going on in the city–and I remember the beautiful greenery of its environs as well. Are you into architecure at all? I visited a Frank Lloyd Wright house in Falls Church–the Pope-Leighy–and contemplated driving to Pennsylvania to see the infamous Fallingwater, but in the end, didn’t! D’oh! Now I am hitting myself over the head for it. Have you ever been?

  5. argonaut Says:

    PS Sunmy: are you talking about Sophie’s Crepes in J-town? That is one of the best places in the city for crepe-age! Seriously, green tea gelato doused with warm red bean sauce in a crepe–how could you go wrong?! If this is the place you’re talking about, I hear ya!

  6. danielplanet Says:

    Whoa.  One thing’s for sure.  I’m not a food connoisseur like you girls.  Del Taco with Monterey jack cheese is fancy for a barbarian like yours truly.   I’ve probably gotten about 40% of my yearly caloric intake from either bean burritos or various forms of cheese.  If not for the running, I’d have a spare tire fit for a semi.  <grin>
    Yeah, Moby is aiight.  He can innovative but he just loops his music too much!  Start slow, build a nice bass line, loop the body, loop the body, chord progression, chord progression, loop a couple times, and end.    I used to play Moby every night on my way home last year.  Stuff to bop your head too.  Check out the Brooklyn Funk Essentials.  Some of it isn’t to my liking but whew! some stuff really kicks butt.  Fun, groovy and definitely innovative.
    I’ll definitely go to the next S.S. recording if I can.  Being there would make me flip out… I’d be so happy.

  7. Anonymous Says:

    Michelle…Sophies is exactly what I was talking about..money!  that’s all i have to say.  truly, if i were to go into the crepe business, i would certainly have to “steal” their secret recipes.  dude, they are spectacular. you can’t go wrong with any of the mouth-watering selections. my goal: to try every one.  which only means, i’ll have to live in the beautiful Golden State one day.  Yes, God-willing..one day. 
    Architecture:  Thanksfully, I have several friends, who are in the architecture biz..and let me tell you..I have my “dream home” all planned out for them to draft up in blueprint form.  (Thank God for the beautiful gift called friendship.)  To answer your question about lovin’ architecture…one of my true passions (among the other 10 that i have.) =D Yes, I love photography as well.  I’m only an amateur, but let me tell you…taking photos of skyscraper buildings, to victorian homes, to gothic cathedrals, to 17 century castles,to lush, rolling hills, pastures, fields, beautiful sunsets, children at play, still life…you name it all, if something grabs my attention and draws me to it’s beauty, it’s worth capturing on film.
    Back on track: I was doing short-term missions in Sao Paulo, Brazil two Decembers ago and let me tell you…I saw the most exquisite designs that architecture can offer.  The mind of brilliant minds. Gotta marvel at their gifts and talents.  The my epitome of pure brilliance…Leonardo Da Vinci…man, I only wish, I could have an iota of brilliance that he possessed.  Thank God for his inventions and innovations.  He was the quintessential Rennaisance Man. 
    I am in love with Italia…I’m drunk with love over everything that came out of Italy.  Actually, not everything of course, but you catch my drift.
    Thanks for sharing your thoughts…the toiling, shedding of pen and paper.  You truly have a gift for the written word.  God Bless you!  Speak truth sista’..always.
    In Gratitude of His Grace Given,
    Sunmy Kang
    p.s.–Maryland…it sure is somethin’ special.  If you ever get to come back..mi casa su casa. The invitation is always open.  Maybe we can hit PA and go check out Fallingwater..so don’t beat yourself over the head.  That hurts. =P

  8. Anonymous Says:

    michelle, i checked out your other posts and i was looking for the TOP 10 list you mentioned putting together awhile back. Can’t find it.  =( N-E- ways, I was glad to have read your old posts.  I’ve left some comments on some of them….check them out!
    p.s.–back to architecture…did you know when i first went to the Getty’s museum in l.a., I was in the same room with the architect for the Getty’s…his name..it’s at the tip of my tongue…gosh, he even submitted a design for the Twin Towers…his name: Meir? OMgoodness..this is going to kill me.  Shoot me!  (hence the term)

  9. Anonymous Says:

    Yes, yes, yes..Richard Meier…that’s the dude’s name.  Yea, totally cool…I was in the same room with this dude and I just wanted to ask him what inspired him to design the Getty’s the way he did…for instance, the bathrooms..have you checked out the specs in the bathroom at the Getty museum?  Or how about the way the sunlight filters into each room, not hitting at an angle at which it will damage the priceless gems.  remarkable.  I am interested to find out who did the landscaping for the Jap. garden. 
    Yea, so that’s my brush with brilliance/fame with a modern  day architect, one of the best in our country at least.   

  10. hyunsil Says:

    mmm… beck looked like… beck.  :T  typical messy, sandy-blond hair, 5 o’clock shadow.  he played a lot of mellow stuff.  ylin said you would’ve like that.  but… yeah.  not really into beck.  :T  but i do like mellow (coldplay, radiohead…).
    p.s. can i have a junior mint, please?

  11. argonaut Says:

    Sure, let me get that in the mail to you ASAP.

  12. hyunsil Says:

    hmm… are you following me around xanga, argo?  😀

  13. argonaut Says:

    And if I said yes? ;DAlrighty, enough stalling. I gotta get to work! Have a cool day (or night) tending to the bebes.

  14. quelynn Says:

    chocolate + mint = heaven !!!
    gosh, i would love to go back to sfo/oakland/berkeley/emeryville. i just had such a nice time when i was there. sometime this year, i hope to go back.

  15. hyunsil Says:

    that’s okay… just wondering.  🙂

  16. argonaut Says:

    Sunmy! Whoa woman, you are prolific! Love hearing you talk about your passions! Sounds like we have lots in common. I feel jipped, tho … you should post a complete list of your passions!Just a quick note on Sophie’s Crepes. If you like the gelato they put in the crepes … good news! You can buy it in your nearest health food store–it’s organic goodness and is made by a company based in SF called Howler Gelato.Would love to see your photos sometime! I can’t believe you were in Brazil! Did you learn Portuguese? I’ve always wanted to learn that language … ever since I fell in love with Joao Gilberto, Antonio Carlos Jobim and the whole bossa nova thing! Ever listen to them?Richard Meier! Love the guy and his minimalist geometric forms. Whiteness to the point of being utopian-esque and almost sterile. I can’t believe you were in the same room with him! I never noticed the way the light in falls into the galleries at the Getty! What a mastermind he is. I’m going to have to remember to pay closer attention to the bathrooms the next time I’m there. I lived in Barcelona for a year as an undergrad and my mouth would always drop open every time I walked by MACBA, a contemporary art museum that he designed. It was breathtaking … white, undulating and just … simple. Beautiful. You’re right, he’s one of the best modernists.I can’t believe you lived in Pasadena, you lucky girl! And you worked at J. Crew, how funny. We must’ve crossed paths there at least once or twice. Have you ever thought about moving back?Thanks for your invite; I will def. ring you up the next time I’m on the East Coast! Kaufmann House, here we come!

  17. Anonymous Says:

    bom dia!  that means good morning in portuguese…is this the most romantic, most beautiful language you have ever heard?  OMGoodness…it makes my heart melt. Yes, I have heard of Joao Gilberto, but I don’t have any Brazilian cd’s…yet.  I’m still waiting for my friend David to make me a mastermind mix of some sort. He’s a very good friend of mine who is from Sao Paulo.  He’s actually living in K-town right now and going to the Pasadena Art School for Animation.  Oh gosh, I love everything about Brazil!  I can’t get enuf of the culture….the food for one thing: chuascaria (all you can eat Brazilian BBQ)..a place out in Garden Grove called By Brazil–a chuascaria style restaurant owned by Brazilians..check it out the next time you are in the area…or in Burbank..on Olive…another excellent Brazilian BBQ place..totally posh. There is another Brazilian restaurant down in La Mirada, but I have never eaten there before. I only know of it because my friend use to waitress there.  On New Year’s Eve 2001, I was at Copacabana beach partaking in an evangelism event hosted by YWAM.   I can’t believe I was even in Rio Di Janiero on New Year’s! What the junx?  It was so surreal….unforgetable.  And the passion in these people..Brazilian praise and worship is ‘da bomb!  Filled with passion and celebration.  Awesome.
    My sister and her roommate in B’ston traveled to Spain and Portugal this past fall for holiday.  Can I just say…divine?  I’m ready to hit the streets of Lisbon, Portugal!  I was able to vicariously experience her amazing trip through her photographs.  She went to the most sublime places. Talk about architecture: truly brilliant!  Wow…I can’t wait to check it out for myself one day…if there is a day I get my booty over to Spain and Portugal.
    Yes, and good ol’ Pasadena…right now I am reading a novel called Pasadena by David Ebershoff. Check it out when you can!  I’m only at the beginning, but so far, so good.  The history behind this historic city is thought-provoking. 
    Let’s see…what else…oh yea! Thanks for the tip on the gelato stuff. I’ll have to swing by the organic grocery store down the street. Hopefully they have it!  I love nutella. Have you ever tried this hazelnut, choco spread? Hmmm..yummy to my tummy. I introduced this stuff to my Brazilian pals when I was down there. What a hit! 
    okie dokie..enuf of my jabbermouth.  thanks for always responding to my comments.  i hope to hear from you soon! good luck with school today!  what you do is so admirable.  =)
    peace be with you,

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