February 19, 2003

Hello again, gray skies. Another downpour today = no need to wash car. Love passing by puddles in the playground, looking into them and seeing reflections of bare trees.

High points of the day: on two different occasions, kids opening doors for me. Small gestures, but so meaningful. (Wide grin.)

Two toothsome choices today on the cafeteria menu: mini-hamburgers or beans and rice. Tempting but I ended up passing in favor of my chocolate Odwalla bar and baby carrots. (Crunch, crunch.)

Lots going on this week. Met with my advisor about graduation next spring (closer than I think). So many things to work out (i.e., summer school, internships). *Long sigh* Only so much I can do and the rest is in God’s hands.

One IEP this morning, and it turned out that the parent spoke English! Love when that happens. I love being able to tell parents that their kids did something right for once–so often, parents are told what their kids do wrong, their weaknesses, things they need to work on. A child’s strengths need to be emphasized, also. More importantly, even. Am a strong believer in that, thanks to my child language professor.

Oral presentation this Friday in my diagnostics class — am giving a little talk on a test for aphasia. Thank goodness I’ll have a partner in crime for this venture — our last rendezvous is tonight before we carry out our stealthy mission at 0900 on Friday morning. Nervousness? Yes. I just pray that I remember my name. *gulp*

Lastly, by not leastly, slated for my busting-at-the-seams week is an opening reception for Buen Dia’s art show at California College of Arts & Crafts. The kids have painted some really beautiful pieces this year — monochromatic and varicolored canvases ranging from smooth, slippery texture to painterly to impasto created by the piling on of many pigments in various doses. Masses of color. Art done at this age is so visceral. Done with a pure kind of aesthetic, maybe. Unfettered and unfiltered. A direct line from head to brush. Anywho, can’t wait for Friday night. It’ll be an excuse to bring Canny out to play (ma camera). Hopefully there’ll be enough light in the gallery for some Neopan 1600. Some of the kids’ photos will be shown as well! It’s fascinating to see what a preschooler sees, from their three-foot perspective. What they focus on is representative of their world … toy trucks, leaves, sand, someone’s feet.

Writing is so cathartic. I feel like I just emptied all the stifling thoughts and weighty preoccupations from my head. There they go, somewhere into the internet abyss. Meandering through myriad wires, translated to 0s and 1s … filling up the pixels of your 15″ screen. Hi.


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  1. danaY Says:

    hahaha. love it. (your last paragraph, that is.) but I have to agree w/ Y, sometimes it’s just too long to read and my eyes just glaze over after about the fourth paragraph, so please forgive me when you quiz me over the phone about the details and I can’t recall the info. But, you’re blogs are great!! (‘am trying to emphasize and encourage your strengths). I love you, sistah!

  2. argonaut Says:

    (Blushing) aw … thanks. Right back at ‘cha.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    cathartic..you nailed it sista’..indeed writing is so very; cathartic. it’s sometimes even better than going to the gym and sweating some bullets.  in college, i use to row. rowing has got to be the best form of “cardiovascular catharsism”..if there ever was such a term.  =P  
    can i just say…i love how language just flows out of you.  the words just gush out like a spring…i can’t get enuf of the flow and rhythm of your writing: raw talent.
    i’m telling ya’…the diction you use in your writing actually stimulates my membrane.  it often reminds me why i had to memorize like 1500 vocabulary words back in high school, and why it’s paying off now. because one thing is for sure…i rarely encounter people who express themselves so succinctly the way you do..especially on xanga!  =P
    one of my fav. words in the english language has got to be: serendipity. once, i was up in cambridge, ma. at harvard square, and i just had to take a picture of the shop called “serendipity.”  i’m such a dork.  it’s almost the same feeling you get when you see a sign on the road or a street named after you. (not exactly, but you know what i mean.) yea, and how you just wanna either steal the sign or just take a pic of it. this is my reasoning for why i had to take the darn photo of this stupid sign. 
    well, speaking of IEP’s…sista’ i feel you on this one..’cause I am making all sorts of modifications all the time for students on IEP’s.  Quite the challenge at times.  And on top of that with Bush’s new law “No Child Left Behind.” Urgghh. is all I have to say on this one.  I’m sure we can create a huge argument for this one.  Maybe another time. 
    Thanks for commenting on my post! About the Brazilian mix..if you don’t mind, I would still love a copy if you have the time to make me a mix.  Why, I could never turn down a mix..even if it was bad…because I’ll bet I can find something good about it.  =)
    Take care in the Lord sista’…
    In God’s undying love,
    Sunmy; philippians 3:7-11 

  4. argonaut Says:

    Succinct! That’s great of you to say. Usually my profs accuse me of being too vague! You are so encouraging Sunmy! I just try to portray the picture in my head, via pen or camera. The camera is usually the easier of the two; when I write, I feel like I’m scrambling for words! Words are so intriguing and I know this will sound sappy, but some of them just thrill me to the bone … fortnight, arduous, penultimate, serendipity, cardiovascular catharsism … I know the feeling of taking the picture of the sign! It’s great to meet someone who shares in the joy of letters … forming words … streaming into sentences … falling into the groove of a narrative or poem. Do you ever read the dictionary at night??Kudos for the mods you make in your classroom due to IEPs. Yeah, we’ve always been advised to be extra judicious in prescribing mods in classrooms … God knows you teachers have enough to deal with! I don’t even know how you find the time to prepare for each and every day. An amazing feat in and of itself. Would love to get into the “No Child Left Behind” thing with you, but I’ll try to research it a bit so I can actually converse with you on it. All I have to say is that standardized tests will be our downfall in education. No real backing or basis on this one, just a gut feeling. We’ll see, eh?Email me your snail mail address and I’ll get a mix or two out to you this weekend! Hope you’ll be able to find your mailbox under all that white stuff! Take care and enjoy your day off again!By His grace alone,Mish

  5. danielplanet Says:

    Don’t want to jump into the middle of a conversation…   But I do read the dictionary in bed!  Back in my school days, I’d carry my trusty Merriam-Webster and lose myself in an ocean of words.  Not as arduous a hobby as many would suppose (for some, reading and writing are marked penultimately near the bottom of the barrel… right above of that dreaded trip to the dentist).  Might I share how fun it is to be talking with you all with your love and appreciation for language.  Though we write in an exercise of mental/emotional release… here we are, a serendipitous gathering of folk scattered around the country, still within a fortnight’s journey on horseback (Amtrak?).  But lo, we’re all brought together.

    Matt11:28  y’all have a good day! 
    Glad to hear things are going so well for you up there, Michelle!  Kick butt.

  6. hyunsil Says:

    dictionary in bed?!  you guys are such nerds…
    but i like nerds.  🙂

  7. Anonymous Says:

    dictionaries—weather it’s the oxford extensive, webster’s, or merriam-webster brand…it’s all good.  now, if these dictionary writers could just come up with a comprehensive dictionary that has the triple, quadruple features including: the best idioms, synoyms, antonyms, quotations, analogies, methaphors, similes, hyperboles, paradox’, onomatopoeias, verses, etc…ever to exist. Now that would be fat!!  But, who would spend the time to do that?  Only the same people who wrote the dictionaries we are blessed with today! =P
    so to answer you question: do I read the dictionary at night? Well, sometimes…but most of the time, I have it really handy, within reach..cause all I know is…there are bountiful, numerous, a plethora of words to discover.  =)

  8. skahr Says:

    Wow.  I don’t have the time to type all the stuff you guys do, or absorb it all, or even read it all… I just have to say, I hope your Preschoolers don’t beat you up too much today (ie. Thursday).

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