February 22, 2003

Completely wiped out, I barely kept my eyes open driving across town from California College of Arts and Crafts in Potrero Hill where Buen Dia had its art show tonight. Resounding success, let’s say. Good time had by all, and the kids had a blast running around in CCAC’s great space–basically a spiffed up old warehouse. This place is beyond words. Incredible design, white and industrial, light-infused studios. A-mazing. But even more amazing was the selection of cheese at the recpetion tonight. I had enough cheese to last me a month, literally. Of note was this funky cheese that literally had wasabi infused into its creamy molecules. Wasabi + cheese = wasabi cheese. Not green, but yellow. Or, maybe the cheese was rancid and I didn’t know it … in which case, yikes.

This guy is good. Humorous in a down-to-earth way, humble and just a plain ol’ good writer. Mark Salzman is editing his manuscript for his new book True Notebooks: A Year at Juvenile Hall.  This is the true story of Salzman’s experience teaching writing to kids awaiting trial for murder and other violent crimes.  The fortunate few who have been able to read it have called it powerful, compelling, and, since Salzman is writing it, even funny in places.  The book will be out in the fall, but will be available for at one of the best independent bookstores in SoCal, Vroman’s, in late August.

Bleary-eyed and barely coherent now. Am going to hit the hay for about 12 hours. ‘Nighty-night. Bona nit. Bon soir. Buenas noches. See ya in the morning.


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  1. Anonymous Says:

    Michelle, sorry to hear that you are so tired.  Yea, may you just take rest in the Lord. =)
    Dude, your “flare” is rubbing off on me big time…first off: I LOVE Vroman’s in Old Town! Man, I got a steal buying a college textbook use to have back in college, but got rid of back in the day for $$$. (Poor college students are so desperate for cash.) Yea, it was The Norton Anthology of Poety by Margaret Ferguson and others.  One of my fav. texts in undergrad.
    I loved browsing through all the knicks and knacks inside that store too.  I love stationary..something about paper that I love.  Yea, I once thought about opening up my own stationary business. Actually, I’ve thought about opening up a couple businesses (another ambition.)
    in fact, I’ve come up with a feasible business venture I can actually pursue on the side or full-time job in about 5-7 years from now.  It’s opening up an academy—a school. Or something to that extent.  (A dynamic educational facility.)  I’ve got some people who are willing to jump aboard on this project.  I’ve talked it over with my father too.  For the next 5 years, I’ll be researching up the whazzoo to see if this would be a good investment and worth the sweat, tears, heartache, mental torture. Also, by that time, I should have completed my Educational Policy degree (God-willing) so I will become more familiar with the leg-work, logistical aspects of running and opening an academy.  Yea, kinda ambitious eh? That’s what everyone says.  But do you know what? “All things are possible if you BELIEVE!” I’ve lived by this credo for a long time now.  And it’s by the power of God’s grace that has allowed me so many things….of course, next to pursuing his own heart. 
    So now, as you take some time to relax, catch up on some Zzzz’s this day…may you dwell in the grace, mercy, and love of our Lord Jesus Christ. 
    Soli Deo Gloria..Sunmy
    p.s.–I went to Barnes & Nobles yesterday. I couldn’t resist myself (I am on this budget right now and I’m cutting back on spending on luxaries, such as books and coffee.)  So…I just had to grab the one and only…The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier & Clay by M. Chabon.  lol! The last Pulitzer I read was The Hours by M. Cunningham.  Before that, Angela’s Ashes by Frank Mc Court.
    Also bought this funny read called The Sweet Potato Queen’s Book of Love.  Yea, I am ready to laugh my pants off!  I heard it was a funn book!
    Talk to you soon!

  2. argonaut Says:

    Hey Sunmy, thanks for your well-wishes. I did get a substantial amount of rest this weekend. Hope I truly ‘caught up’ on my sleep deficit–I think research says that you have only a certain window of time to catch up before your opportunity is lost forever. Forever!Yeah, the stationery business idea resonates with me! It was my dream when I was a wee one. A more recent dream was to open a gelateria. You could SO start a school with your experience and degrees! Ambitious, yeah, is the word that comes to mind! (said with eyes wide open) WOW. It’s amazing, the visions that God gives each of us. With your sense of vision and ability to inspire kids to fulfill their potential, you will def. make your mark in the educational sphere. Can’t wait to hear about your plans as they unfold, or as God diverts you to other great things … You will Iove Kavalier and Clay! It’ll draw you in. Have you seen the film The Hours? I haven’t read the book or seen the film; I feel so out of it! Love Frank McCourt. Got a chance to hear him speak to a crowd at UCLA’s Royce Hall a few years back. Very enjoyable.Will be curious to know how the Sweet Potato book turns out!

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