February 23, 2003

Had the good fortune of getting my car washed at a school in the Richmond late this morning. Fun to watch kid interactions. One boy throws a wet sponge at a girl and a chase ensues. I hate you Henry! she yells to the back of his head. I hate yoouuu! is Henry’s clever retort.

Forwent a hike in Marin to help a friend move from his warehouse space in Oakland to an apartment in the city this afternoon. This is the second time he’s moved in five months. Before I left, I begged him not to move again. He just has so much stuff! Moving, the act of transferring your life from one space to another–that’s on my top ten list things of things I loathe–with oral presentations and trips to the dentist topping the list. Vying for number one, actually.

Chewing on caramels during a Saturday night movie: High Fidelity. Two words for you. John Cusack. There’s a quality that I like about him that I can’t put my finger on. What is it? Gotta admit his hair is kinda funky during most of the movie. Fun dialogue …and I hint at a deep sea of melancholy just below the surface … Love the variations of blue and green on his apartment walls. And dude, Jack Black is SO funny! Great film all around.

Hmm, top five list of John Cusack films?


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  1. hyunsil Says:

    love john cusack.  know what you mean about not being able to put your finger on why.  and his sister, joan, is freakin’ hilarious…. esp. in broadcast news.  but, uhhh, i’ll take a stab at my fave five:
    1)   high fidelity — like you said, clever and great dialogue.  hilarious movie.  and the guy owns a record store, for pete’s sake!
    2)   being john malkovich — we’ve always wondered…
    3)   say anything — he was so young when he made this movie.  can’t get over that scene when he’s holding up the stereo with peter gabriel blasting.
    4)   grosse pointe blank — not a big fan of minnie driver… but, what can you do?  he still looks pretty aiiight in this movie.
    5)   stand by me — another one when he was really young… as teddy’s brother denny.  what a qt.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    may i add some more to the i love john cusack list?
    6.) Say Anything
    7.) Remember Joan Cusack in Sixteen Candles? (Brace face, who couldn’t slurp up water at the school water fountain?
    interjection:  don’t you just love Matthew Broderick to?  Or no? 
    1.)  Ferris Bueller…need I say more?
    *the other night, I forget which station..ABC or NBC?  Matthew Broderick starred in the Music ManDid any of you get the watch it?  I didn’t get around to it.  Dude, no time for T.V. It’s like you have to prioritize your options:  Reading, weblogging, writing, studying, among other things….yes, no time for Thurs. day night T.V. anymore…=( Gosh, and to think that on this season’s Survivor, two kids from my hometown (well, Ryan Aiken, the dude from my church, got voted off the first episode I heard…figures) BUT…David Johnson, a fellow schoolmate from high school is still survivin’. If any of you get to watch the show, then let me know how it’s goin’! Thanks!  =)
    Have a blessed Lord’s Day! 
    Sunmy…hmm..I wonder if you had time to make the Brazilian mixes….if you didn’t I totally understand. Golly, you don’t need to, but it was mighty generous of you to insist!  😉

  3. argonaut Says:

    Broderick plays such a mastermind in Ferris Bueller! Yeah, he’s cute in a very cute chipmunk sort of way … he has nice features and a nice voice. He’s just kind of, what’s the word … short. I guess one of the reasons I like Cusack is his lankiness (and height, for that matter). One of these days, I’m going to rent all of Cusack’s 80s films and watch them all on one night! I hear ya on the ‘no time for TV’. I always look forward to coming home for break because I finally get a chance to catch up on all the shows I miss during the nine months that I’m in school … I like to watch this cartoon called Daria (think it’s only on cable now) and The Naked Chef on the Food Network. Love Jamie Oliver’s naturalness. He’s young, fresh and kinda spunky. Ever watch him?I can’t believe I know someone who knows not one but two people on Survivor! Cool!

  4. argonaut Says:

    Cusack for President! Funny site. Am seriously considering buying a t-shirt to support the campaign. heheh

  5. SavonDuJour Says:

    Just surfing the blogs and saying hi!

  6. daisylowe Says:

    did u know that john cusack’s sister was in 16 candles too? she was sooo funny-she was the one who danced with long duck dong, the one with the braces and neck-gear…haha..

  7. Anonymous Says:

    we need to support Cussack for Prez campaign…heck, I need to get one of those shirts! 
    I hear ya on the “lanky vibe.” naturally,women are more attracted to tall stature…makes you feel kinda protected I suppose. shoot…argonaut..you’d love the men who row..especially the guys from Orange Coast College, SDState…dude…nevermind Rowing..how ’bout the darn polo team from UCLA!!! i’m blushing. 😉 
    enuf of the gurly talk…but let me ask, what constitutes short in your book?  like “mini-me short” or like 5’6″–Tom Cruises height short?  Hmmm…well, yea, possessing a tall stature (anywhere between 5’11 and above is attractive..too bad they are aren’t Asian!) 

  8. argonaut Says:

    5’8″ and south of that constitutes short for me, I guess.  Hahaha yeah not too many tall Asians around but I’ve seen a few roaming the streets of SF …

  9. skahr Says:

    Actually, I hate moving too!  I told them at work, and you probably remember this, that I would move out of my plush office into a cube if they never made me move to another cube in that building again!  So, they made me move to another building… oh well.
    Also, EVERY girl loves John Cusack!  It’s that Devilish-yet-Dorky appeal.  Sexy-yet-funny.  It’s the way to get the good-looking guy who doesn’t quite knowthat he is good-looking.  That way you get the dude minus the attitude.
    I liked the movie Serendipity.  Fantastic movie!  And Kate Beckinsale looked absolutely stunning in it as well.  I know, we’re not talking about her but I just had to get that off my chest.  whew.

  10. argonaut Says:

    I think you may have hit the nail on the head, Kahr. Aboot Cusack, that is. Also, agreeing with everyone else about his sister–she is too funny. They are good together in films. It’s a wonder that they’re in so many together.

  11. Anonymous Says:

    hey argonaut…do you have AIM?  give me your AIM name..email it to me. =D

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