February 25, 2003

All Quiet on the Western Front

Huh, isn’t that strange. Things are relatively under control. Decent and tranquil Monday night I’m having. My head isn’t spinning on its axis. Things are good. Thank you, God. Not to say that I’m not thankful for chaos. Thanks God, for times of craziness–times when I can sense Your presence and solace the most.

Anyone been to Houston’s in Pasadena? Houston’s, where meat is king and steak is a rare art form (literally). So, this place is great enough as it is, with its plethora of cuts of steak seasoned and grilled to your exacting specifications. How could they improve on perfection, you ask? Visit the Houston’s on Arroyo & East Del Mar in Pasadena and you’ll find out. The perfect place to have dinner with good friends or that special someone you’d like to get to know a little better. The restaurant is done up in Pasadena’s Craftsman tradition, with simple but solid stone lanterns and a trickling koi pond to meet you as you stroll in. Inside the lights emanate a warm amber incandescence against the dark wood surfaces of the ceiling and the ambience exudes vibes of repose and good times. And the bathrooms … immaculate enough for your grandmother! And worthy for the likes of Carey Lin, for that matter. (I hear ya on the bathroom thing, woman.) So, go and enjoy the experience that is Houston’s in Pasadena.


8 Responses to “”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Houston’s is Dave’s fave restaurant…oh wait…you haven’t met the infamous (sadly, i think i made him that way) dave… you should… too bad he doesn’t xanga.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    houston’s…almost as good as a brazilian chuascaria….almost. hee,hee,hee! stop talking about pasadena! you’re making me reminisce to no end! ahhhhh…but it’s all good. =) nice chattin’ with ya last night! hope to meet you “online” again.always,sunmy

  3. keili Says:

    how weird! i literally drove by houston’s the other day and thought…how “un-nice” it looked on the outside. i guess the adage applies: don’t judege a book by its cover.  can’t wait to try this place out one day…not the food per se, but the bathrooms! you michelle, are a woman after my own heart! 😉

  4. argonaut Says:

    Ylin: Never too late to start xanga-ing. You should tell your buddy Dave about it. Is he the one lives in Texas? What’s so ‘infamous’ about him?Keili: We should start a bathroom website for Orange, LA and SF counties! We could give hygenity ratings and warnings to people! I can see it now.Sunmy: Brazilian meat! That is one thing that stands out in my mind from my year in Barcelona. There was a Brazilian restaurant across the street from the university and the waiters would walk around with swords of meat, stake them down onto your table and slice the stuff right onto your plate! It was heaven, and of course, a major luxury for a starving student living in a state of penury (which I happened to be). Am I tempting you to move back to Pasadena?! I hope so!Will catch ya online sometime soon,Mish the Phish

  5. Anonymous Says:

    Brazilian BBQ:  Don’t forget you just love the “Red/Green” dial card?  Red:  stop comin’ to my table; Green:  please bring me more!  Ahhhh….miss it.  If you are ever down in the So. Cal area..please check out By Brazil (or Brasil) in Gardan Grove.  It’s the bomb!  I can’t get enuf of Guarana either! The brazilian soft drink..hmm…yummy to my tummy! quite refreshing, satisfying. 

  6. Anonymous Says:

    oops…By Brazil  is not in Garden Grove. Stupido me…it’s actually in Gardena. Shoot me…too many cities that sound the same or similar!  Sorry about the mix up.  My memory can sometimes fail me.

  7. me_less Says:

    churascaria! *yum* *reminiscing* first exposure to it was in Brazil. *mouth water* isn’t there one also in Puente Hills mall? green up all the way! hehe

  8. argonaut Says:

    Red/Green dial card? Haven’t experienced that yet! Thanks for all the recs. Will have to try all of the above when I’m back in SoCal!

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