February 27, 2003

C.S. Lewis did not speak out of our postmodern era, but he knew it was coming and scholars unquestionably agree his mind was ahead of its time. In an essay called “Modern Man and His Categories of Thought,” Lewis ruminates, “Man is becoming as narrowly ‘practical’ as the irrational animals. In lecturing to popular audiences I have repeatedly found it almost impossible to make them understand that I recommend Christianity because I think its affirmations to be objectively true. They are simply not interested in the question of truth or falsehood. They only want to know if it will be comforting, or inspiring, or socially useful.” (Footnote 1: Present Concerns: Essays by C.S. Lewis, “Modern Man and His Categories of Thought” (1946) pp. 65.


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  1. Anonymous Says:

    C.S. Lewis…nice.  You can’t ever get enough of him, you know? He’s just has a way with words..the Spirit of God certainly stirs his heart..cause it’s evident in His writing.  Praise God from all whom blessings flow..praise Him for creatures here below..praise Him for all the heavenly hosts..Praise God for Son and Holy Ghost….aaaaaaamen. 
    Meditate. Absorb. Act accordingly.
    God Bless you.  I pray that God’s goodness and His words of truth and encouragement will pierce your heart and challenge your mind and soul this day. Amen sista’..amen!  😉

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