March 4, 2003

All Scanned Out

Just came from a day of scanning. I literally spent eight hours at a computer lab in the library today, scanning the life out of 2 rolls of negatives. Let me just say that dust is a photographer’s worst enemy. Thank God for a little program called Photoshop, eh? I was ready to blow my brains out with my can of compressed air after the first two hours but after a while, I did get into kind of a rhythm. Spray neg with compressed air , scan, slip in a few lines of Kavalier & Clay, clean neg again, rescan, import into Photoshop … you get the idea. Speaking of Michael Chabon, the guy has the best similes & metaphors. Check this out:

He stood up and began to pound his right hand into the palm of his left. “Ooh, Ooh, ooh. Okay. Hold on a minute.” Now he pressed the heels of his hands against his temples. You could almost see the idea elbowing its way around the inside of his mind, like Athena in the cranium of Zeus.

Joe had an uneasy feeling, as if the name meant something to him, be he could not quite get hold of the connection. He searched his memory for “Siegfried Saks,” shuffling through the cards, trying to pop the ace that he knew was in there somewhere.

Not that I necessarily agree, but I love the analogy in the following U2 lyric: A woman needs a man like a fish needs a bicycle … I think it’s something about the image of a giant cartoonish goldfish with its gills holding the handlebars of a bicycle that really gets me. Heh heh

Sittin’ at the kitchen table, listening to music prodigy Beck croon and play his harmonica. Cool, I just made an isosceles triangle out of Melissa’s English Cotswald cheese. That’s our dinner antics for you. Most nights, dinner ends with me asking Melissa, “You gonna eat that?” The girl eats like a bird.

Last note of the day. Happy Birthday, Sunmy!


6 Responses to “”

  1. Anonymous Says: belle…you know wut?  I LOVE THOSE CD’s! It’s dope.  Oh my goodness…you’ve got me all figured out, now don’t you?  You have just taken me on a joy ride back to Ipanema, Rio de Janiero, Sugarloaf Mountain, Copacabana Beach..Viva Brasil!  And yes…why, Jazz…this will make my heart swoon. 
    My parents loved the grooves of bossa nova as well.  all i could think of was “Take me back..take me back.”  Perhaps one day..God willing.
    At this present moment..I “bask in the light” of our Lord Jesus Christ.  Thanks to people like you, I am able to feel the warmth of His love.  Each day, He renews my soul, he quenches my thirst, he chastens my heart so that I may be a holy and pleasing sacrifice; worthy of His praise.   
    Michelle, God bless your heart…God bless the gifts and talents He has given you.  May you soar to new heights each brand new day.  May your life be a mere reflection of God’s undying, unswerving love for you. 
    Thanks so much for your kindness and your graciousness…

  2. Anonymous Says:

    p.s.–the line from the U2 song on the Achtung Baby album: sublime. Bono..he is truly a gifted musician.  When I tour Dublin…one of my goals is to capture a glimpse, the essence of what makes U2 tick.  Truly, my fav. band of all–a band on a mission. 

  3. Anonymous Says:

    ‘k…I just have to give you major kudos/props for 022403 “brasilia mix” cd. i’m thoroughly imbibing the jives and rhythms of the smooth brazilian melodies, sounds. mezmerizing.  (especially enjoying the portuguese lyrical poet actio’n.)  ahhh….beautiful.
    ‘k: after looping Track 1: Girl from Ipanema by Senhor Joao & Astrud Gilberto…like a dozen or so times….i got to move onto some other grooves…such as Track 13.  Unbelievable to have made it down this far.
    Track 13:  Sem Contencao–by Bebel Gilberto…I’m hooked.  Love the hint of urban groove/jive/flava’/flare: (aka: green light especiale)..the simple bass line, syncopation..rhythmic flow…i’m feelin’ the groove/jive.   
    Sem Contencao:  an eclectic mix of sounds & rhythms…a conglomorate of: a bit of mary j. blige; (the queen and diva of R & B) action…a touch of suzanne vega’isque rhythms, a hint of enigma mystique…mint! and of course, tru brazilian style. 
    Wow, I think I can just picture myself loopin’ this jive over and over again; headset and cd player in tow…walking the streets of Manhatten…lower Manhatten in particular..Soho or Greenwich Village, or riding the subway into the Bronyx.  Groovin’.
    Obrigada! Obrigada a mil’ times over…
    Your sista’ who just can’t get enuf…of la brasilia!   

  4. argonaut Says:

    Seriously …. easy to hear Garrota de Ipanema over and over again, huh? I really like Track 13 also. Check out her album if you want more Bebel–it’s called Tanto Tempo. Although there’s a different version of Sem Contencao on it; it’s got a faster tempo. I don’t like it as much–I really dig the one I put on 022403.Hey, glad to hear you’re really enjoying your ‘Trip to Brazil’! By the way, there’s a 2-CD compilation by that name–Trip to Brazil that is supposed to have a really awesome comprehensive sampling of Brazilian muzak (my word for ‘music’ pronounced myu-zack)–from classic to modern. May be a little difficult to find, but may be well worth it.Tem um dia bom!Mish

  5. danaY Says:

    Those are pretty good analogies…the best? I dunno. But the one from U2’s lyrics…yeah, I imagine it to look like something from Dr.Seuss’s “One Fish Two Fish ….”

  6. Anonymous Says:

    Oi!  Michelle,
    Two other artists I’d like to introduce you to..if you haven’t heard of them already…perhaps you may have…since you are truly the Humanities me!!!! =D
    Brazilian Artistas:  Marisa Monte & Caetano Veloso
    Dude….Viva Brasil! Need I say more?  I love the word Coracao…the most beautiful word in the entire Portuguese language. I just want to hear it being said over and over again by those Brazilians or anyone with a Brazilian accent.  When I was down there..I begged everyone to keep on saying Coracao..I love singing “Coracao” in any song for that matter. Or try to use “Coracao” whenever I get the chance.  Beautiful…beautiful. 
    I spoke to my Brazilian brother in L.A. this past Saturday..I made him say Coracao… at least once.  Yea, he thinks I am insane in the membrane.  But he knows..I am in love with Brasil!  Vive Brasil!  =D
    p.s.–Current Tracks I have been rummaging through, since you’ve inspired me to get into my swanky jazz fixation..infatuation..Harry Connick Jr bebe…oh my…love him…i know..everyone kinda undestimates his ability..but do you know wut? I could care less..the man is brilliant at the piano…he’s got what it takes to hang with the Big Homies…ya know?  If you like much as I do..check out his album:Harry Connick Jr. Come By Me
    Fav. track #5:  Easy for you to say
    i’ll post the lyrics on my site.

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