March 5, 2003

Small World It Is.

At the Beanery, ran into a guy that I studied with in Barcelona. Turns out that he’s living just up the street from the Beanery! Interesting guy. He would make these semi-outlandish statements that made me wonder if he said them for the shock value or because he really meant them. I remember him as really friendly, ambitious, a go-getter. He learned Catalan pretty well. Even I was impressed. Anyway, should be interesting to get to-gether with him and other Barcelona alum to share post-Spain experiences.

SF is great for running into people. You have the confines of a small city (approx. 6-7 square miles) and all these people running around in it, different schedules, different places to be. It’s cool how people here tread the same sidewalks and take the same bus routes, frequent the same stores and restaurants and sometimes never meet because they’re always missing each other. You dwell in the same places, just not at the same times. Until you’re standing in the bread aisle at the store standing next to someone and both of you are reaching for that last loaf of Ezekiel cinammon raisin bread. The person graciously allows you to take the loaf and suddenly you’re engaged in conversation. Meanwhile, on the other side of town, someone deviates from his usual schedule and randomly decides to get coffee at the cafe down the street from his apartment and there he is, running into an old friend!


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  1. Anonymous Says:

    Amen!  Sounds pretty awesome…in terms of fellowship in SF.
    spain:  did you ever get to go to the Gaudi (sp)exhibits and/or crazy places he designed! Oh my goodness, my sister showed me some of the most amazing photos of Gaudi’s work…her roomate Nadine and her got to tour Espana (Barcelona) this past Sept.  What amazing photos! Ahhh…port wine, homemade handbags, and memorabelia representing Picasso’s work (love some of his work fo’ so’zzes) 
    small wurld:  Just had one of those “oh my goodness, what a mighty small world..but God-never-siezes to-amaze-me-once-again” experiences yesterday.  I had class down in Baltimore, and as I was walking on campus, I ran into my friend Paul Maiste, who is the brother of one my closest buddies from college Mike Maiste; (aka: Mikey-this guy has the most unbelievable compilation of songs on his Volume called Wilbur.)  You can join his website and he’ll mail you cd’s for free!  Best Radiohead and Pearl Jam stuff around…among other classics. I’ll have to burn you some of his stuff.
    sorry about TANGENT (eek!): well back to Paul…well you have to understand…Paul is a mathematical genius.  He use to work for Price Waterhouse for like 7 years..unheard of right? No one ever sticks with that compant longer than like 3 years max! 
    Yea, well he made a career move after he realized he should become a professor!  So dude, this guy became part-time staff at Towson State–my almar mater and John’s Hopkins (my current school).  Yea, it turns out that Paul is full-time professor for the Math and Science dept. at John’s Hopkins undergrad and grad school. He teaches like wicked, crazy type of math…none that I could ever hack.  But to make a long story short…Paul is now married, use to be divorced, and he was the first person to visit me in San Diego/L.A. 2 years back…so the point of the matter is this:  in a short period of time, anything can happen, anything can change, and certainly many things are different.,, But all for the glory of God! philippians 3:7-11

  2. naperuale Says:

    How come I never run into anyone?

  3. argonaut Says:

    Napurale: porque siempre estas en Sunnyvale.

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