March 14, 2003

Dissension in the Kitchen

Took a break from my maniacal studying to play ‘restaurant’ in the kitchen with Melissa and Alejandra. I was the manager, Melissa, the chef, and Alejandra, the short order cook (literally, she is 5′).

Chef: Are these things done? (Peering into a pan of snap peas)
Manager: (Sitting across the room) Well of course they are.
Chef: (Spins around, brandishing a greasy metal spatula) Listen sister, you’re the manager. Stick to your managerial tasks!
Manager: It’s my job to micromanage you!
Chef: (Laughs and looks down.) Well, I just spit all over your micromanaged snap peas!

Paroxyms of laughter ensue. My housemates. Love ’em.

Studyin’ to: Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robot (The Flaming Lips)


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