March 18, 2003

Spring Break Has Sprung

Location: Walnut, CA
Agenda: None whatsoever

Rolled out of bed today a little before noon without too many intentions to get anything done. Nice feeling. Had a good, interesting chat online and then wandered into the kitchen to find my mom whippin’ up a late version of breakfast. Love how she’s taken up cooking again! I downed some smooth joe and gobbled up a red pepper and portabello mushroom omelette while watching clips of the Food Channel.

Visited my dentist later in the afternoon. Discovered seven new casualties … err, cavities. Yikes. Two hours later, I picked up a weary danaY and we went to EV Free in Fullerton and sat in on a lecture re: integrating faith with school curriculum. Lots of excellent points presented, one of them being how our government was founded on Christian principles. The realistic view of human nature (per the Bible) led directly to the establishment of a constitutional system that limited the power of the governed and the governor. We all have the same rights because we are equal. We are all equal because we were created equal by God. If you remove that basis, you remove all rationale for civil liberties.

Rented a food film entitled Mostly Martha. I think it’s French or Italian. Reviews later.


10 Responses to “”

  1. me_less Says:

    seven?!? someone hasn’t been taking care of her fangs… *tsk* *tsk* đŸ™‚

  2. argonaut Says:

    Oh, and I’m sure you have a perfect set of gleaming pearly whites in your mouth. *tee hee*

  3. naperuale Says:

    Very glad that you’re having a great and relaxing time!!! Let me know how the movie was. I’ve been wanting to rent it, but somehow I always manage to rent something else. Have fun!

  4. daisylowe Says:

    i wish i was having the same spring break as you! i got work, work, and more…i am truly breaking the rules of spring break!

  5. danaY Says:

    you somehow manage to make me sound like some sort of elfish creature. although….hmmm…that DOES bring me one step closer to O.Bloom. :]

  6. argonaut Says:

    Daisy: We have to break the rules sometimes.
    danaY: How does weary = elfish?  Hey, new Orlando Bloom film due out soon.  Woo hoo!

  7. danaY Says:

    I’m too tired to explain. :[

  8. danaY Says:

    … frail….

  9. danaY Says:

    Titleage of new Orlando Bloom film?

  10. argonaut Says:

    Coming to screenage near you: Ned Kelly, also starring … Heath Ledger. About Australian bushranger, Ned Kelly. In the late 1800s, he, his brother and a few other guys formed a gang and committed a few robberies using homemade steel helmets and chest plates to stop the bullets.

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