March 19, 2003

For all of you who appreciate the food subgenre of film, go and rent Mostly Martha. It’s about a German chef who is as excellent about her work as she is obsessive. She runs the kitchen like a tyrant, routinely dishing out insults to the customers who don’t appreciate her creations. A few life changes jolt her from her position of control and fixation and she slowly wakes up from her workaholic trance. A good lesson to all of us–or at least the type As among us–I suppose. Visually, the film is rife with nuance–from the raising of an eyebrow to the swift spin of a fork as it enravels spaghetti in one deft motion. The lighting is superb. Not bad for director Sandra Nettleback’s first effort. Also, great music except for some of the jazz numbers–plenty of old Italian standards sung by Louis Prima and Dean Martin.

Mostly Martha is one of the best films I’ve seen this year. I think I may go out and buy it. So yeah, I recommend seeing it.


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    cool profile picture.

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