March 23, 2003

Some Things Never Change

Spent the night chillin’ with some of the funniest girls I know: Weili and her need to ‘maxell’ the moments in our life–in high school it was with her camcorder but now she’s armed with a digital camera; Dana and her poking sense of humor–Michelle, would you like a cracker with your lox spread?? (Okay, so I like lox.) Kerry and her crazy spontaneity–it was well past midnight when she out of nowhere started making spanikopita. Love my girls. Seemingly can’t get enough of them. Tonight was a nice way to round out my lazy yet reposeful spring break. My brain sings near sleep. Time to rest up for the long journey back to Sodom by the Bay tomorrow. Buona sera.


3 Responses to “”

  1. naperuale Says:

    Cool you had a wonderful week. I’ll see you tomorrow!!!

  2. hyunsil Says:

    yeah, you guys seemed to be having a ton of fun.  (hmmm… and i thought my friends were weird…)  😀

  3. danaY Says:

    couple o’ corrections: who was the one armed with the digital cam? I think Y first made the comment about the lox…but the spanakopita-undoubtedly kerry!!

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