March 29, 2003

Midsummer Night

Tonight was amazingly warm, evoking a sense of nostalgia as summer nights are inclined to do.

Ahh, the sweetness of Fri-i-i-i-iday! Melissa and I took a long, leisurely stroll through Whole Foods downtown, savoring the smells of the bakery and dodging the 6:00 rushing-home-to-make-dinner-crowd in the deli before walking to the registers with an eclectic dinner in our basket. Whole Foods makes a pretty good brown rice sushi. Had some of that before we darted over to a movie theater on Van Ness to see The Hours.

Melissa’s description of our dinner tonight when I asked her: Uh, green. [Referring to her salad.] You: formerly communicated with electrical impulses. [Referring to the eel that gave its life to be in my sushi.]

A bumper sticker I saw on the back of a truck today: Eschew Obfuscation. Chuckle, chuckle.

Listening to: The Minus 5 Down With Wilco. Melissa just got it in the mail. Not bad. Sounds Beatle-esque at times.


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