March 30, 2003

Hiking Through Broccoli Hills

One of the best things about Marin is its vast, rough wilderness. It beckons the Ralph Waldo Emerson in all of us. Melissa and I decided to answer the call this weekend. Yesterday morning, we fled the city for the wilds of Marin.

Meandering through canopies of redwoods and verdant pastures of grazing cows, we arrived at our destination, Point Reyes National Seashore. This national park boasts over 80 miles of coast, open grasslands, bushy hillsides, fragrant forests and pristine beaches. It’s biologically diverse and 45% of of the bird species in North America have been sighted here.

With miles of trails to choose from, we finally decided on the Tomales Point Trail, located on the northern most end of the seashore. The first thing that arrested me when I stepped out of the car was the silence. The sound of nothing echoed throughout the place; so different from the cacaphony of sounds in the city. Even the suburbs maintain some level of activity–passing trains in the distance, 5-year-olds screaming at a backyard birthday party, Linkin Park blasting from a teenager’s dark-windowed Chevy GMC. But Point Reyes … as unpopulated and Thoreau-esque as they come.

I seriously sang “Climb Ev’ry Mountain” as we hiked for what seemed like four hours. We traversed grassland and peered over precipitous cliffs to see superb views of the Pacific Ocean, Tomales and Bodega Bay. We even saw some tule elk laying low among the rolling hills. One of my favorite parts of the hike was saying hi to everyone we passed … Hi. Hello! Hey. How’s it goin’? Or sometimes just a nod of the head if we were too tired.

Melissa’s favorite part of Point Reyes was seeing all the birds! As we entered the park, turkey vultures swooped down from the sky and later, we almost ran over a female wild turkey! Spotted some quail, too, as we came to the end of the trail. You don’t see quail every day!

The last stop of our satisfyingly tiring day was the Cow Girl Creamery in the little–and I mean little–town of Point Reyes Station. Melissa protested vociferously at first. How was she supposed to enter a place with the words cow and creamery in its title? [A little background: she can’t stomach the thought of being in the same room with milk, yogurt or certain animal cheeses.] She was brave, though, and in the end was quite thrilled to find a very cool-looking yellow Cow Girl Creamery t-shirt. I bought a killer brownie from the Indian Peach Catering Co. It was killer.

So, was a good day. A restful weekend all in all.


2 Responses to “”

  1. me_less Says:

    wow! place looks beautiful! where in relation to S.F. is this place?

  2. argonaut Says:

    All of Point Reyes is stunning. It’s 35 miles north of the city. You cross the Golden Gate Bridge and drive up the 101 for maybe 10 miles. Then you exit Sir Francis Drake/San Anselmo and head west for a little while. The road is really twisty so it takes a loooong time to get there. The drive alone is worth it, tho, and Point Reyes even more worth it!

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