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April 29, 2003

Deep breath.


April 28, 2003

Back in the Bay! Greeted by rain. ‘Twas a good weekend, but I have to say that I am just plumb exhausted. The 20-year-old guy sitting next to me on the plane called me ma’am. I almost did a double take when he said that. Do I really look that old? (grin) Don’t think I’m old enough to warrant that form of address. Apparently, I am! Such displays of otherworldly politeness like his move me, tho. (another grin)

April 27, 2003


Just rolled in from (what seemed like) an extremely long wedding shoot in Pasadena.  Woo hoo!  The city that I love.  Will move here one day, God willing.  Had a bit o’ breakfast at the Peet’s Coffee on Lake and California, who serve quite possibly the best cuppa joe in the city.  I’ve had quite a few cups of coffee in the city of Pasadena, so you’ll have to believe me on this one.  <wink>  The ceremony was at a church in a nice little neighborhood near Pasadena City College.  We moved on to Castle Green for the reception.  Castle Green is a grand old hotel on the corner of Green and Raymond in downtown Pasadena built at the turn of the century; its architecture draws from Spanish, Moorish and Victorian influences.  The interior maintains an old world elegance: thick red velvet curtains, a warm, inviting fireplace and wrought iron elevator (wow!).  What’s cool about this historic place is that people live here now!  Very cool.

Am now resting in the warmth of my parents’ house.  Seems like it’s always warm in this place.  Warm and comfortable.

April 24, 2003

Hello, this is Ira Glass.

Went with Melissa to see (err…hear) Ira Glass at Zellerbach Hall at UC Berkeley. He was really great. It was like listening to a B-side track of This American Life. He was kind of all over the map with story clips, music weaving in and out, jokes about other NPR broadcasters…all in that weird, non-radio voice of his. But in the end, it was just like a This American Life show–funny, surprising and reflective of the human experience. He admitted to being a horrible writer, reporter and broadcaster when he first started working for NPR. Even played clips of himself hosting Talk of the Nation and All Things Considered…can you imagine! He totally hated it! He felt like such a nerd. He went on to talk about the narrative as being a back door to a very deep place in us; we all are moved if someone tells a story that is close to us. You can see it. Radio is your most visual medium, he joked.

By the way, I love Ira Glass’ look. He’s kinda cute in that classic-nerd-sporting-heavy-black-framed-glasses-kinda way. Really cool look. Melissa wants to marry Ira. So if you know anyone like Ira, let Melissa know.

April 22, 2003

Joao Gilberto

Anyone interested in hearing the likes of one of the most seminal figures in bossa nova perform at the Hollywood Bowl on Weds., July 23rd at 8pm?

This will be Gilberto’s first performance at the Bowl since 1964. For performance details, click here

How cool does that sound? Listening to Joao croon and strum that acoustic guitar of his, a Trader Joe’s wine & cheese dinner laid out in front of you, various cronies on all sides of you; all this after the unforgiving L.A. heat has dissolved into a perfectly warm summer night. Good music, friends and food. This is the stuff summer nights are made of!

The box office doesn’t open until May 10th so I don’t have too many details ticket price-wise, but if anyone is interested, let me know! Should be a grrret time.

April 17, 2003

Hair Bands and Orange Juice

This is what I bought at Safeway tonight.

On a different note, had a memorable dream this morning. I was on the bus somewhere in downtown SF, my Canon A-1 in tow (one of my cameras). I get off at my stop and walk three blocks before I realize that I’ve left my CAMERA on the bus! At this point, I start to sob, knowing that I’ll never see Canny again. If any of you have left behind a personal belonging on public transportation, you know how excruciatingly difficult it is to get it back. You have two chances: slim and none.

So anyway, back in the land of the living, both my alarms go off. I roll over in my bed and wake up a bit to find tears in my eyes! Yikes! What a dream.

April 14, 2003

Photography by Michelle

My cool roommate Alejandra has made a website of some of my B&W photographs for a class of hers. It’s in the Beta stage. Check it out! Please send any feedback my way.

Click here to go to it. Then click on “Retrieve all photographs.”

April 13, 2003

For all you Wilco fans, I Am Trying to Break Your Heart – A Film About Wilco is out on DVD! Shot in beautifully grainy black and white by photographer and filmmaker Sam Jones, it details the turbulent yet brilliant making of their fourth record, Yankee Hotel Foxtrot, in the fall of 2000. The key word here is collaboration, folks. From incipience to finished product. Am watching it right now, but I should really be working on a report due tomorrow. (sheepish grin)

April 13, 2003

Dark rain clouds and a sullen sky made for a pretty melancholy day. Occasional courses of thunder and lightning added to the drama of it all.

The Cherry Blossom Festival was rained out in Japantown. Relieved from my volunteer duty by the advent of water coming down in sheets, I ducked into the Kinokuniya Building for a bit, weaving through masses of young families, Gen Yers and silver-haired elderly folk. Passed by a few people gawking at plastic udon and sushi in a restaurant display case. Fun stuff! My last stop was a crowded Japanese video store, where I flipped through DVDs of Totoro, Cowboy Bebop and classic episodes of Robotech. Ahh, memories.

Spent the rest of the afternoon lazing around watching films. Rainy Saturdays seem to be good for that.

April 11, 2003

Just got an electric toothbrush with a rotating head! Love it. Absolutely love it.