April 4, 2003

Mornin’! Was just informed that I slept through quite a display of thunder and lightning last night! Apparently it was you’re-going-to-burn-down-one-day-in-your-house-because you-sleep-through-it thunder. Melissa couldn’t believe I slept like such a rock during it. She woke up from it and then couldn’t fall asleep again for awhile. She’s a light sleeper. A pin dropping in the next room could wake her up. Okay, slight exaggeration, but she does wake up very easily.

Tonight am flying to L.A. for a wedding. Should be fantastic because it’s going to be at the historic Mission Inn in Riverside! Flying on a plane means only one thing to me: I get to hang out at the airport! YES! Love it.

Happy Fri-day, everyone.


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