April 6, 2003

Wow.  Sat in the car just outside my house for the last twelve minutes of Selected Shorts, listening to Hope Davis read from The Lone Pilgrim  by Laurie Colwin.  Was so entranced by it that I couldn’t bring myself to turn it off and isten to the rest of it in the warmth of my house.  It was that good.

Whew.  *Good sigh*  Long wedding shoot today, but was seriously enjoyable.  Ran up and down a thousand stairs today at the Mission Inn.  That place is great for its spiraling staircases, wrought iron balconies and innumerable alcoves.  Shot way more film than I thought I would.  Used Ilford XP2 for the first time instead of the usual Kodak CN.  Curious to see how the prints come out.  I wonder if it’s as flat (i.e., lots of grays but a paucity of blacks and whites) as CN film is. 

Love the unmistakable click clack, click clack of the old school Dell keyboards (pre-Quiet Key).


7 Responses to “”

  1. daisylowe Says:

    do u do weddings often? i may have a couple of friends who are planning their wedding…

  2. danielplanet Says:

    I looooooove Selected Shorts. -smile-
    So, you’ve joined the Dark Side (PCs)…
    Take care, Argonaut.

  3. quelynn Says:

    Hey, let us know how the XP2 turns out… I had a brief fascination with t400CN, but it just wasn’t as punchy as true black and white film.

  4. argonaut Says:

    dp: I only succumb to the Dark Side when I have to. (grin) Dell’s not so bad of a company anyhow. They’ve actually got quite a rep for excellent customer service. They’re a good company and they make a pretty good machine. If I had to own a PC, it would be a Dell.Quelynn: You’re right about T400CN not being as snappy as true B&W. It’s just so gray. However, you’d be surprised what kind of results you can yield when you have a good lab printing T400CN on black and white paper. If you’re curious, I can show you a sample sometime.

  5. argonaut Says:

    P.S. Selected Shorts rocks!!!

  6. quelynn Says:

    You mean printed on real black and white paper? Hmm, never tried that… I always got it printed on color paper, thank god it never turned out sepia-ish or anything. But a friend of mine accidentally developed a roll of t400 in black and white chemicals though. Wasn’t too bad.

  7. argonaut Says:

    Wow! Developing CN film in B&W chemicals! How did the negs turn out? Highlights and shadows okay? I’m so curious to know because I’ve never heard that done before …I know so many wedding photographers who all print their CN film on color paper for the express purpose of making sepia prints! Less expensive that way. They always go for what’s cheap.And on a side note, I’m starting to use this lab in L.A. that will print truen B&W film on color paper–I think they use Fuji Crystal Archive. Crazy stuff, huh? I was talking to someone in the lab and when he told me that they did that, I was like, Come again?One more question, Quelynn! Do you ever cross-process (develop E-6 in C-41 chemicals) and vice versa?

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