April 14, 2003

Photography by Michelle

My cool roommate Alejandra has made a website of some of my B&W photographs for a class of hers. It’s in the Beta stage. Check it out! Please send any feedback my way.

Click here to go to it. Then click on “Retrieve all photographs.”


7 Responses to “”

  1. ilikesteak Says:

    Your roommate is awesome!! Tell her she can come take pictures at my wedding… someday
    My favorite is the “The First Dance.” Great composition and framing.

  2. argonaut Says:

    Actually, I took the photographs although my roommate made the website! I’m a photographer and my main gigs right now are weddings and portraits. But thanks for the compliments! Keep my info and I will be happy to photograph your wedding … someday. :DBy the way, “The First Dance” was taken with an extremely wide angle 15 mm lens called a “fish eye.” It’s really awesome to work with. I like that photograph a lot, too. The bride and groom are in the foreground and are the focal point of the photo (more or less) and all the guests are in the background; they’re observers. I like telling stories this way.

  3. 2 eprops for being so encouraging! thanks! … hope SF’s not too wet these days for you!

  4. Anonymous Says:

    Those pictures are truly works of art.  I think the picture of the bride and flowergirl is particularly touching.

  5. hyunsil Says:

    very nice pictures.  i’m impressed.  i especially like the first dance (like the lens effect) and baby feeding mom… precious.  can you send some of your pictures to us?  we wanted to blow up some and put them on our walls…

  6. i really like the “two rings to unite them” picture… VERY NICE! i’ll drop you a ring when and IF i get married ! hopefully you won’t be OVERLY TOO FAMOUS AND EXPENSIVE BY THEN!

  7. danaY Says:

    yes, nice call on the fish eye for the first dance…it fit the composition really well. oh!! the way the dress on bed captured the light! wow. or was it the other way around where the light captured the dress? good schtuff cool kid! a website for you work! why didn’t i think of that before??!! maybe i can do an ESL website for Y.
    oh yeah…”Joe” ?? won’t he let you use his real name?? it’s a good picture of him, btw.

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