April 22, 2003

Joao Gilberto

Anyone interested in hearing the likes of one of the most seminal figures in bossa nova perform at the Hollywood Bowl on Weds., July 23rd at 8pm?

This will be Gilberto’s first performance at the Bowl since 1964. For performance details, click here

How cool does that sound? Listening to Joao croon and strum that acoustic guitar of his, a Trader Joe’s wine & cheese dinner laid out in front of you, various cronies on all sides of you; all this after the unforgiving L.A. heat has dissolved into a perfectly warm summer night. Good music, friends and food. This is the stuff summer nights are made of!

The box office doesn’t open until May 10th so I don’t have too many details ticket price-wise, but if anyone is interested, let me know! Should be a grrret time.


10 Responses to “”

  1. danielplanet Says:

    If I’m around duing the summer, count me in!  The Trader Joe’s cheese was the clincher…

  2. argonaut Says:

    Right on! Where would you be otherwise?

  3. danaY Says:

    hey, can you post after may 10th , again, regarding this event?? (as a reminder and invite)

  4. argonaut Says:

    Will do cockatoo.

  5. Clarephile Says:

    Hmm… summer nights at the Bowl! Good stuff! I’m going a concert there too but on June 27… Josh Groban!! It’s not even his concert but what the hey, where he is I go!

  6. me_less Says:

    crooning, cronies, and cheese? wow. sounds tempting. unfortunately, i’ll be in exciting north carolina where the fun never stops. hehe.

  7. Anonymous Says:

    maybe baby

  8. Anonymous Says:

    I’ll just hope of the next red eye flight to make it! AHHHHHHHHH, much envy! Tell me all about it! I am thoroughly enjoying your CD’s…I feel so spoiled. 
    Let me just continue to daydream about Brasil…
    BUt I heard in some Snoop Dawg video…it’s set in Rio! I must check this one out!  =D
    Miss ya sista’!  Thanks for dropping me a line. We will catch up. 
    God Bless your heart Michelle!
    In Him,

  9. Anonymous Says:

    That sounds so amazing… one day I will have to come to California. I will have to make sure I schedule in the Hollywood Bowl and take in some Bossa Nova to make up for not getting there this time.

  10. danaY Says:

    josh groban…(eyes glazing over as i breathe out a sigh!)…snap, back to reality!

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