April 24, 2003

Hello, this is Ira Glass.

Went with Melissa to see (err…hear) Ira Glass at Zellerbach Hall at UC Berkeley. He was really great. It was like listening to a B-side track of This American Life. He was kind of all over the map with story clips, music weaving in and out, jokes about other NPR broadcasters…all in that weird, non-radio voice of his. But in the end, it was just like a This American Life show–funny, surprising and reflective of the human experience. He admitted to being a horrible writer, reporter and broadcaster when he first started working for NPR. Even played clips of himself hosting Talk of the Nation and All Things Considered…can you imagine! He totally hated it! He felt like such a nerd. He went on to talk about the narrative as being a back door to a very deep place in us; we all are moved if someone tells a story that is close to us. You can see it. Radio is your most visual medium, he joked.

By the way, I love Ira Glass’ look. He’s kinda cute in that classic-nerd-sporting-heavy-black-framed-glasses-kinda way. Really cool look. Melissa wants to marry Ira. So if you know anyone like Ira, let Melissa know.


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