April 27, 2003


Just rolled in from (what seemed like) an extremely long wedding shoot in Pasadena.  Woo hoo!  The city that I love.  Will move here one day, God willing.  Had a bit o’ breakfast at the Peet’s Coffee on Lake and California, who serve quite possibly the best cuppa joe in the city.  I’ve had quite a few cups of coffee in the city of Pasadena, so you’ll have to believe me on this one.  <wink>  The ceremony was at a church in a nice little neighborhood near Pasadena City College.  We moved on to Castle Green for the reception.  Castle Green is a grand old hotel on the corner of Green and Raymond in downtown Pasadena built at the turn of the century; its architecture draws from Spanish, Moorish and Victorian influences.  The interior maintains an old world elegance: thick red velvet curtains, a warm, inviting fireplace and wrought iron elevator (wow!).  What’s cool about this historic place is that people live here now!  Very cool.

Am now resting in the warmth of my parents’ house.  Seems like it’s always warm in this place.  Warm and comfortable.


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  1. Anonymous Says:

    That castle place is so beautiful! No wonder you like Pasadena so much, any place with such lovely architecture must have all kinds of surprises around its corners. I love weddings… I always look to see the expression on the groom’s face just before his bride comes down the asile…the transformation from anxiousness to joy on the groom’s face at the appearance of the long awaited cloud of white at the end of the room always makes me misty.

  2. argonaut Says:

    I like how you painted a picture just now.Seriously! A look of relief, too, as in Thank God she didn’t change her mind! I always forget to look at the groom’s expression as the bride walks in because I’m always photographing the back of the bride as she walks down the aisle. I’ll have to take a look at the groom, tho, at the next wedding!

  3. me_less Says:

    when are you planning to do this professionally? i think your work is quite good.

  4. argonaut Says:

    Hey thanks, Miles. (grin) Actually, I do do this professionally (ie. I’m paid for it) although right now most of my gigs are as a second shooter. I work with a few different photographers in OC and LA. I shot a wedding on my own last November which was a blast! I’m ready to venture out on my own–just need to meet a few prerequisites first–need to launch a website, buy a few more camera bodies (and a few more lenses for that matter), need time to actually meet with people to book weddings (this is what I’m majorly lacking now). I’m having an album made in Japan of the wedding I shot last Nov. I’m on my way to getting things rolling…just need free time! Downside of being in grad school = no time.

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