April 28, 2003

Back in the Bay! Greeted by rain. ‘Twas a good weekend, but I have to say that I am just plumb exhausted. The 20-year-old guy sitting next to me on the plane called me ma’am. I almost did a double take when he said that. Do I really look that old? (grin) Don’t think I’m old enough to warrant that form of address. Apparently, I am! Such displays of otherworldly politeness like his move me, tho. (another grin)


9 Responses to “”

  1. ilikesteak Says:

    Nothing wrong with callin’ strangers ma’am. It’s a respectful and term of courtesy, and west coasters would do well to use it more often. Have a nice day, ma’am.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Blech, ma’am is anathema! I feel about a million years old when someone calls me that. Blech, I feel your pain!

  3. me_less Says:

    a·nath·e·ma n. pl. a·nath·e·mas 1. A formal ecclesiastical ban, curse, or excommunication.2. A vehement denunciation; a curse. 3. One that is cursed or damned.do you girls really feel old when we say “ma’am”? i do it on a regular basis but it’s meant as a form of respect. hmmm… how’s a better way?

  4. danielplanet Says:

    But I think ma’am could be said in a way that’s charming and friendly… maybe that’s all it was?

  5. danaY Says:

    miss….guys, “miss” would be a little more appropriate and for those who are “mrs.” would be flattered. it’s a win-win.

  6. argonaut Says:

    I’m sure it was out of respect; I was just surprised is all. Pleasantly surprised! :o)

  7. danaY Says:

    hey, someone said, “Excuse me, miss,” at the market yesterday and I wanted to give him one of those metallic star stickers that my elementary teachers used to give me.

  8. me_less Says:

    “miss”?  really?  i always thought that it has an almost negative connotation to it (like towards a waitress).  also, isn’t it what an older gentlemen says to a younger lady?   

  9. argonaut Says:

    Yeah, that’s what my dad says to waitresses. I don’t think there’s any negative connotation tho.

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