May 5, 2003


As quickly as this semester has been whipping by, in contrast, this weekend kind of creeped by. Part of it may have been due to my being sick! My worst symptom was a sore throat. Ended up missing an event for work on Saturday and a few other things, but when you’re sick, you’re sick! I like how being sick puts things into perspective: all projects, reports, papers, events get shoved aside by a new priority: restoring your body’s health. This weekend I had to slow down my thought processes and just veg for a while. Nice change. I really did get some much needed rest. Saturday night I watched not one, but two! Hitchcock films.

Am about to turn in for a good night’s sleep. So many deadlines hanging over my head this month; don’t know how I will be able to do it all. Maybe I won’t. Will just have to work real hard I guess, and leave the rest to my Maker.


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  1. Clarephile Says:

    Sorry about all the work hon… vegging is nice though… 😉 plus Hitchcock… even nicer. Hope you’re feeling better soon!

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