May 9, 2003

Thursday Night on Sutter & Leavenworth

Love how Jules has moved to the city! Got a peek at her new digs–a cute and cozy studio on the thirteenth floor of a high-rise with arresting views of downtown and then some! Schweet stuff.

We walked around a bit and gawked at how many restaurants and theaters were ‘just around the corner’ from her. She is in the middle of it all–four blocks from Union Square, a cable car ride away from killer gelato and gnocchi in North Beach, and a stone’s throw from half a dozen places to get a good Indian curry. On our way to a cafe, we passed the American Conservatory Theater and made plans to see a performance of Chekhov’s The Three Sisters next week.

Hiking uphill a few good blocks on Leavenworth, we ended up at Cup-A-Joe, just a few blocks from Jules’ apartment building, where we talked and studied into the night. This place is the quintessential downtown coffeehouse–art students from the nearby Academy of Art College sprawled all over the place, graphics texts and sketchbooks in hand; gleaming white eMacs in one corner for quick but expensive access to your email and someone behind the counter dispensing some really good coffee. The barista poured me a cuppa decaf and it had a quarter inch of crema on the top. Niiiiiice.

Love how Jules is always ready to hang out and explore her environs! I look forward to many a rendezvous with her in Fog City.


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