May 18, 2003

“Will you smell my cheese?”
“Excuse me ma’am, but is that a sheep in your ficus?”
“I can’t eat that–it’s white.” Melissa has a fear of eating anything that’s white.
“Ewww, what’s that smell?” That being any kind of fish or sea creature simmering on top of the stove.

–Things I won’t hear for 3 months while my roommate spends the summer in Chicago.


2 Responses to “”

  1. naperuale Says:

    I have one more: “are you gonna eat that?” I know that is not something Melissa would say, but we won’t hear this either.

  2. argonaut Says:

    You’re right, you two won’t hear that for the whole summer! Melissa agreed to send me her leftovers via UPS. Maybe you should, too! I love Indian food! You gonna eat that?

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