May 27, 2003

Memorial Day

Nice day off today. I lounged around at an afternoon-long barbecue in Berkeley with the Niman Ranch folk. Phenomenal pork and lamb ribs on the grill with sauces made from scratch. My friend Brian made an especially notable salsa romesco (Catalan in origin) for his lamb ribs–it had a simple base of olive oil, vinegar and ñoras (peppers from Spain). He roasted tomatoes, onions, almonds and hazelnuts individually and ground everything up into a creamy perfection. Very memorable.

More meat to follow in the afternoon–pork shoulder marinated in a Chilean sauce (with a little too much red wine vinegar, but still good). Spicy sausage links for dinner. All the meat was from grain-fed animals, no antibiotics or hormones. Good, good stuff.


2 Responses to “”

  1. hyunsil Says:

    *drooling…* *grumbling noises…*

  2. Anonymous Says:

    hey woman! did you buy the tickets to the Brazilian concert at the Rose Bowl? 
    latez sister…
    In Christ’s Glory Forever,
    Sunmy =D

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