June 13, 2003

Went to bed earlier tonight (11-ish) but woke up several times. Now, at 2:23 in the morning, I just plain ol’ can’t sleep! And you know how if you stay up late enough, you get hungry? I am ravenous! I could really go for some Kettle Honey Mustard potato chips. So here I am typing in the dark, with a hankering for potato chips.

So yeah, things are slowing winding down for me here in the Bay. My last day at my school in Oakland was today. Funny, but as long and arduous as my days were there and as difficult as it was to get the smallest things accomplished, the kids were incredible to work with and I’m really going to miss them and the school. Going to miss my colleagues, too. Amidst the chaos of the day-to-day, I found a few kindred spirits. Am relieved and thankful to end that 10-hour-workday chapter in my life, but am a little wistful also. Didn’t expect to be.

I still have Buen Dia’s graduation tomorrow. God, give me strength for that! Going to be a loooong day.

I wonder, who else could be up at this hour?


2 Responses to “”

  1. hyunsil Says:

    i was.  šŸ™‚

  2. Clarephile Says:

    Hee, hee… Friday the 13th… full moon… and you were awake at 2 in the morning… hmmm… hmmm… nah!! All just a coincidence.

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