June 18, 2003

Kids These Days

Hello, my name is Adam, and I have 3 monitors in my bedroom. During a furious forty-five minutes, my godson revived an old CRT monitor that had been parked in his closet for 6 months and added it to his existing collection of two screens. So now this eleven-and-a-half-year-old is running three monitors in his bedroom! He can watch TV, surf the net and play games on his X-box at the same time! Amazing. He is truly a product of the twenty-first century.

Some conversation around the dinner table:

Me: So Adam, when you grow up, what’s the first computer you’re gonna buy?
Adam: A Mac.
Me: I’ve taught you well, young Jedi.


3 Responses to “”

  1. sugarbearcsa Says:

    Yep your taught him well

  2. bruels Says:

    Wish I could give more props for the Mac love. 😉 Thanks for the San Fran info!

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