June 20, 2003

Can You Spell Dysphagia?

What an awesome week of respite this has been. It’s great to be back in LA, catching up with old (and new) cronies! Yesterday, met up with danaY and me_less for some grub at Wahoo’s in the South Lake Avenue district of Pasadena (the city that I love!). Had a good, long chat and then parted ways. Then headed off to Zona Rosa on El Molino and Colorado to meet daisylowe. Zona Rosa is a quaint little coffehouse next to the Pasadena Playhouse in the city’s theater district. Hadn’t seen daisylowe in a while, so we had a good time catching up. She recounted her recent travels to Japan. It does good for the soul to travel; am a firm believer in that.

After she left, I wandered over to Vroman’s, which is probably the best independent bookstore in Southern California. A few changes had taken place since I last visited, but it was still the same warm, inviting place that I remember. Good for standing around and reading books that you know you’ll never get around to if you do buy ’em.

After reading a few chapters of a piece of fiction by Paulo Coelho (by the way, he wrote a little gem called The Alchemist which is a quick, good read), I went next door to the Laemmle Theatres and saw Spellbound. Filmmaker Jeff Blitz draws you in to the lives of eight different youngsters from different parts of the country, all vying for the National Spelling Bee Championship in Washington DC. Very poignant and a real nail-biter towards the end. The underlying theme was really, The American Dream: if you work hard enough, you will achieve it; no matter who you are. Really good film. It was edited on Apple Final Cut Pro, no less.

Strange LA weather yesterday.


2 Responses to “”

  1. Clarephile Says:

    Hey, welcome back to LA! And yes… the weather’s been astoundingly strange… I don’t remember ever having had June gloom ever around here! Crazy…

  2. juliekimrx Says:

    Hey woman!  Glad you’re having fun down there in LA.  Miss you up here!  Just got home from Alaska…wow…beautiful there.  Summer solstice is crazy!  There is actually light until 2am!  Anyways, I completed my marathon….can you believe it!  I did it in 5 hours and 15 minutes.  It’s an okay time for a first timer.  Call me soon!

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