June 30, 2003

Today while I was at church, someone stuck a discount card for Souplantation under my windshield wipers. I discovered it after service let out, plastered to my windshield. I looked around, expecting to see a sea of Souplantation flyers on all the other cars in the parking lot. But there weren’t any. Just mine. I wonder who put it on my windshield! Did the person think, Michelle likes salads; I should leave this Souplantation discount card here for her?? Heh heh Well, thanks whoever did it. I think I’ll go have me some Caesar salad, cornbread and fro yo this week.


2 Responses to “”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    i shall join you.

  2. dingus5 Says:

    Sounds like the beginniing of an Alfred Hitchcock movie. Maybe you’re being drawn into international intrigue.

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